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Christine_Bay Area 01-06-2012 11:19 AM

Week 1 Newbie here!
After so many attempts at WW, Jenny and just plain trying to do it on my own, my friend told me about Medi. Unfortunately, there is only one location in the Bay Area and it is 20 min away. But at this point I'm willing to do whatever it takes. As a new person, I have a few questions. By the way, I am on Day 4 of Week 1.

1. Today was the first day I did the strip test. It barely changed colors (it only changed a little). Does this mean that my body is not doing the ketosis thing yet? Should I be worried? I did have to go in for my 2nd shot this morning and the counselor said it was because I am drinking more water than my body is used to. Will it eventually get darker as time goes on?

2. Has anyone lost a large amount of weight? I need to lose 80-100 pounds. Are there success stories out there about people losing that much? My office has a "blob" that represents 5 lbs of fat. It's truly disgusting...

3. I am funding this through my HSA account. It is a VISA card that is funded through my employer so essentially this program is not out of my pocket (thus, I had no reason in the world not to join!). Has anyone had any issues using their HSA account?

Thank you in advance of your answers and support. I am SO glad I found this message board! Just reading through all the posts has helped tremendously!

- Christine

dccc 01-06-2012 07:40 PM

Hi, Newbie, I'm one,too.
I just finished my first week and I, too, was wondering about the ketosis strip. Mine reads Moderate. Not sure what all those colors represent. I have 70 lbs to lose and got rid of 4.5# my first week.

I've read that others have done better...some up to 8 lbs. But this is the best I've ever done on any of the many I've tried plus I'm only taking the "organic" suppressants and haven't been starving or anything like I would be if I was eating carbs. The EKG was "abnormal" so I will have to see a cardiologist to sign off if I decide I need the stronger stuff.

Totally understand about the drive. I'm 2 hrs from the Hollywood clinic because I live in the Keys. But I know another person from my area who drove weekly for 6 months and he was still working. I'm pretty much retired so I've got all the time in the world. P.S. He lost over 60#.

Wish I could answer your questions, but hope we can encourage each other on this journey. Much success.

cheri 01-06-2012 08:45 PM

Any color change on the ketosis strip means you are in ketosis... Dark purple does not mean you are losing more than if you were in lighter purple... People in light purple can indeed lose faster than people in dark purple... Plus the amount of fat you eat can make the strips darker as well. Also a small number of lowcarbers may not show any color at all even though they are truly in ketosis.. So don't worry too much about the strips.. It is best to go by how your clothes are fitting.. That is the easiest tell if you are or are not losing weight.

dccc 01-07-2012 05:48 AM

Wow, Cheri, 150 lbs. You look so good. Thanks for your response. The nurses at WML haven't explained it to me. I feel a little rushed when I'm there. Didn't even remember to ask them what the results of my blood work was I did the week before. :sad:

Nurseingu 01-07-2012 09:48 AM

Hi everyone!
I restarted Medi this week after being away for 6 months. Lost 38 pounds the first 3 months. Put back on 20 of it.:sad: But looking ahead from here on out. The first time I started the strips never showed I was I'm ketosis....bit the scale did. Lost 9 pounds the first week!! So this time I'm not even doing the strip thing. Started last Tuesday and weigh in this coming Tuesday. Feel different already. Keep lots of sugar free Jello on hand..cures those snacking cravings. Also lean turkey breast and talipia are my "meats" of choice. Can eat more but less calories. The appetite supressant works great too. Also love the Medi shakes. Can do so much with them.

Catgaston 01-07-2012 01:33 PM

I'm also in the Los Gatos area. I've lost 55 in six months and have maintained for the last month. After the second week I never tested for ketosis, just followed the plan while allowing myself to live a life not obsessed by it. Good luck!

Twisted Suze 01-08-2012 09:58 PM

Just wanted to say check out MWL's Facebook page:
Medi-Weightloss Clinics® | Facebook

And their youtube page:
mediweightloss's Channel - YouTube

There are no MWL clinics in Houston TX yet and there are some clients there who drive to the one I go to in College Station - approx. 100 miles one way.

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