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erraticc 01-05-2012 12:35 PM

Medi Questions
Hello. I just wanted to ask the Medi veterans a couple questions.

- On the first week, are you guys really consuming ZERO carbs? What about trace carbs in like, Sweet and Low? I don't know if I can completely give up my diet soda/iced tea.

- How are you managing your salt/sodium? I see a lot of the plans/food people mention here as being processed and deli meat which are crazy high in sodium. Is the amount of water you drink daily enough to keep it normal?

I am trying to lose 20 lbs and went to MEDI, but they rejected me because my weight/body fat wasn't high enough. So I'm pretty much going to copy the plan and do my own variation.

Any tips would be helpful.


Michelynn 01-05-2012 01:23 PM

You're supposed to keep net carbs below 25. Some centers don't want people to have dairy the first week, but mine didn't restrict it. So for example, I often have cottage cheese, which has 6 carbs. Any carbs (the first week) are coming from your protein sources. After that, when you add in fruits/vegs, they give you a list of the fruits/vegs & amounts so the carbs from those are still really low. So now it's <25 net carbs from protein + the allowed carbs in the fruits/vegs. And I hardly ever come to close to that 25.

I haven't counted salt/sodium. They encourage you to be mindful of it, but since you are drinking a lot of water, I think that helps.

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