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rbnc 01-05-2012 09:44 AM

On week 5, just found this forum
Hey everybody,
This is my 5th week on Medi and man do I wish I found this forum sooner. I'm down 27 lbs since Thanksgiving 2011 and have 93 to go to my goal weight. The first week was hard, but not as hard as Christmas - my wife's family bakes and the entire kitchen was covered in sweets. It was pure torture, but I made it without eating any of them.

This is the first diet/program/whatever that has gotten me down past my "wall" of 320 - every time I would diet I would stay at 320 for weeks and not lose anymore. I crashed through that wall after 3 weeks and am still dropping at a steady rate. I did notice that the medi weigh in's aren't very reliable at the end of the day (when I go) after I've eaten most of my food and drank a ton of water...so I weigh myself at home in the mornings of my weigh-in at medi to get a more accurate weight. I've noticed that depending on the shoes I wear through the day my impedance will vary significantly and show some weird numbers on the printout. However, my progress from my home weigh ins are more than enough to keep me wanting to do this diet (despite the high cost).


Michelynn 01-05-2012 09:35 PM


I always go first thing in the morning b/c I don't want to weigh in later in the day. Of course, it's the overall trend that matters, but those little pieces of information week-to-week (total weight, fat loss, water loss, etc.) can be big motivators to stick with it.

Glad you're having success & that you found this board. :)

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