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OrlandoOldBroad 11-02-2011 06:29 PM

another Newbie, but Oldie
Hi all

Well as Dolly Partin said so well... "Here we go again..."

I am not new to dieting, or low carb, or weight loss success followed by failure, so this is not my first rodeo, so to speak.

Seems every decade I get my mojo back up and begin a new life change, and hope its the last. My last success, followed by failure was Weight Watchers about 9 years ago. I lost 165 pounds, was about 20 pounds from a reasonable goal, then just as every time before that, the old weight loss amnesia/Im cured mentality sets in, and when I wake up 110 pounds have found their way home to me.

So here I am, making my THIS decade kick off to getting my self healthy, back on track, and who knows maybe THIS time it will stick.

I looked into Medi because it had a few main elements that appealed to me. the first, I wont lie, was the fact that it incorporated drugs. I have had several previous very succesful weight loss episodes with both dexidrine in the mid 60s and 70's, then another round in the 80's with Phen/fen. When I take appetite suppressants, combined with good eating habbits, and a wel structured program, I have always done well. I was right in the midst of a very succesful run with phen/fen when the so abruptly took the fen component off the market for what I thought were the wrong reasons, but thats neither here nor there now. At the time my doc sorta freaked, and withheld the phen as well, so tehre went that effort. The other element of Medi that appealed to me was their proclivity to a low carb way of life. I inherantly believe in my soul, its the correct way to eat most of the time. So many years the good doc Atkins caught a bad rap, when he was really correct all along. I love my carbs as much as any human on the planet, but know, that too many of them, and the bad ones, have a really short period of satisfaction past the few seconds eating them, and the ongoing results are always negative. The last factor I liked about Medi was the one on one personal attention, and the individualized diet plan.

So... I marched my fat old aching body to the Orlando Center, and met with Dr Karen Evans who was just wonderful in crafting a plan I could live with, that was not over the top radical, and gave me some wiggle room to make it work.

I just officially started today.. and decided to try the Phendimetrazine, and so far feeling pretty good. When I take these type of meds, its really the only time I feel normal around food. My first challenge today will be how I get thru the rest of the evening without my after dinner, before bed, sweet snack. I can have a protein bar, or a shake, for now, but that will be one of my ongoing life changes.

So just a few words about me, I am a 61 year old happily married to my best friend/lover/soulmate for 33 years, have about 150 pounds to lose. I am originaly from NYC , but for the last 30+ years we have been transplanted Floridians. We share our time between Orlando and as of 2008, we bought a small beach house in the St Pete Beach, FL area, and will eventually retire there. I want to be able to enjoy an active outdoor, fun life, and at this weight , a shopping trip to Publix is a chore. I hate that, and want to change..

If you are still awake reading this, I hope to get to know people here and share this never ending journey.

losing in Ftm 11-03-2011 04:30 AM

Welcome aboard!
As a fellow Old Broad (I turn 53 tomorrow) I know how you feel about wanting to be active as you get older. I have lost over 70lbs on my journey this time. If I could add all the pounds I lost in the last 30-35 years I would have 'disappeared' years ago. I even did the Fast (Oprah) diet back in the 80's which got me to the lowest I have ever been in my adult life. Of course the first bite of food I took started the weight gain and within a year I gained everything plus more back.
For me the difference this time is my activity level. I always hated exercise and was never a particularly active teenager. But now I love it!! I do zumba, core stability ball classes, run/walk (Slowly doing the c25k program) and work with a trainer at the gym. I do alot of this with my 16yr daughter who has lost about 20lbs since I started just because of the change in our eating habits and exercise. The rest of the time I have made alot of new friends and gotten alot closer to casual ones.
To say this has changed my life completely is such a understatement. I wish you well on your journey and encourage you to go back through the old monthly threads. There is a ton of information and you will find alot more people who are close to your age.
Keep posting.

MaraMom 11-03-2011 06:33 AM

Welcome and welcome back. Hope this times the charm. Come to the November board for company and support!

hyonlyf 11-03-2011 08:43 AM

Welcome and good luck to you! The more the merrier here, wish ALL the lurkers would come out and introduce themselves :)

OrlandoOldBroad 11-03-2011 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by MaraMom (Post 15145327)
Welcome and welcome back. Hope this times the charm. Come to the November board for company and support!

And where may one find the November board..

btw, lived thru day one, but woke up with an annoying headache, that Im trying to lose... ughh

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