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Hndfulprls 10-28-2011 05:52 AM

Fat turns to Water
I have been talking to Christyryan1228 on the Tanita Crazy thread becaue I had a weird weigh in. Lost a ton of fat, but gained 2 pounds. She mentioned an article about how when you lose fat it is sometimes replaced with water. I found the article and it is pretty darn interesting and it may help others with some of them "perceived" disappointing weigh ins. Here is a quick paragragh and I will post the link to the article. Thanks Christy!

"A biologist at Berkeley shared something very revealing on the low-carb BBS system about 4 years ago that helps us all through the erratic weight fluctuations you invariably encounter:

"Fat cells are resilient, stubborn little creatures that do not want to give up their actual cell volume. Over a period of weeks, maybe months of "proper dieting", each of your fat cells may have actually lost a good percentage of the actual fat contained in those cells. But the fat cells themselves, stubborn little guys, replace that lost fat with water to retain their size. That is, instead of shrinking to match the reduced amount of fat in the cell, they stay the same size! Result - you weigh the same, look the same, maybe even gained some scale weight, even though you have actually lost some serious fat.

This is what we have been telling folks. You lose inches but not pounds because your body plumps the fat cells. I tell them it is a complicated biochemical process that your body replaces the fat molecules with water and fluids until you exceed your bodies predetermined fluid level. Then your body will release a chemical that releases all this stored water and you get a sudden overnight loss of several pounds. Then the cycle starts over again with inches gone and the scales lag behind. "

Why The Scales Can Lie: : Atkins Diet : Active Low-Carber Forums

Michelynn 10-28-2011 09:44 AM

:up: Thanks for posting this! I had been meaning to ask about the articles she referred to but hadn't yet.

christyran1228 10-28-2011 09:57 AM

Very cool, thank you!

I wasn't able to get online last night and look ... I was busy watching my Rangers choke. :o

Hndfulprls 10-28-2011 12:21 PM

Christy I also had a little wager on your Rangers. If the game lasted much longer I might have got into the Doritos and Miller Lites.

jbjb93 10-29-2011 10:47 AM

Thanks for the info! I was thinking about this after christyran posted earlier. I asked at the clinic yesterday and they are aware. People with a lot to loose can throw off the Tania due to this.
Can't wait to read it!

Twisted Suze 11-06-2011 11:25 AM

I hadn't heard that before....maybe it explains a lot of plateaus also.

Thanks for the link.
I'm headed off to read that.

Read the article and I have issues with a few things. I did notice that a Personal Trainer wrote the article.
It was a biologist that brought attention to it.

I'll bet the varied bariatric professionals at MWL's headquarters and their clinics would take issue with some of the "facts" there, too.

christyran1228 11-06-2011 03:46 PM

That's what my counselor at MWL clinic had told me, as well as the PA ... Though the fat doesn't turn into water, the emptied fat cells are replaced with water, until that's eventually expelled as well.

I found a lot of articles that explained it pretty much the same way.


jbjb93 01-05-2012 05:10 AM

I wanted to post so this topic is bumped.

I still find this happening. Quite interesting! My weight won't drop much but I feel it in my clothes, then the next week I drop!

So don't get discouraged! Even if you have a 1 pound loss - that is 1 more gone! Stick with it, I still have some big weeks. Lost 6.5 in the 2 weeks over the holidays and wasn't 100 on plan. (not saying go off plan though!) Down 50 pounds in 4 months exactly!

dccc 01-06-2012 07:58 PM

I'm new and need to get rid of 60#+. Would you mind sharing your goal? Was there a week when you didn't show a lower number on the scales? I'm scared that when we leave on our long summer road trip in May, I won't be close to my goal.

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