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CattleMamma 10-18-2011 08:47 PM

Can I Hang With You Guys? Semi-Medi
A few years ago I began Medi and was on it for about 4 weeks. I thought it was great. Then I got a new job and had to move. With the new (very demanding) job, new surroundings, new home, and a death in the family, I put the weight loss on the backburner. I live in the rurals - the closest Medi Clinic is 2 hours away. That distance was undoable for me.

I finally found a place that offers most everything Medi does - the injections and pills minus the detailed dietary guidance. They promote extreme moderation. They do the weekly weigh in, weekly shots etc. They take insurance with a combo of small payments so the insurance isn't billed every week. Very affordable. They are professional and seem very compassionate. I have a friend doing it who has lost good weight in two months so I thought I'd give it a try. In their literature they offer two helpful websites but I think this site is better than the others.

I think Medi excels in the dietary guidance...how many calories, what to eat etc. I have to look for my Medi literature. I kept it for the longest time and now I'm not sure where it is. Also, I never took the pills before but I'm going to try them this time.

So I was wondering if I can hang with you guys? I know I will be needing the support. CM

jbjb93 10-19-2011 06:44 AM

I am happy to help you! I'm in week 7 and would be happy to share info. It is great you are getting healthy!
And yeah to getting some insurance help with the cost!!

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