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ncgamedog 09-13-2011 09:30 AM

Thoughts on CLA/GLA as a subsitute for the chromium based fat burner??
I am doing the medi diet on my own and have been taking the Mega-T, chromium/green tea, based fat burner. This fat burner is very similar in composition to the medi supplied one. I have been doing some reading on CLA supplements and their role as a fat burner. Many people seem to take CLA in conjunction with a GLA supplement. I have been considering either swapping to the CLA/GLA or starting a regimen of it in conjunction with the Mega-T.

Would it would be safe to take the CLA/GLA along with the chromium (Mega-T)?

Would they possibly cancel each other out?

Is CLA/GLA compliant with a ketosis based diet like medi-weightloss or would the fatty acid nature of it stop the ketosis?

Not sure if anyone here might have experience with this type of information, but if so hopefully they will chime in....

Thanks -Justin

guitarjg 09-13-2011 12:30 PM

I've been taking CLA and L-Carnitine for the past few weeks with the 3 supplements supplied by Medi - Vita / Fat Burner / Calcium.

To be honest, I haven't noticed any significant change in fat loss. I will keep taking them, but honestly, I'm not convinced any of the supplements do anything at all.

I think anything is safe to take together as long as it's not prescription or steroids. I would refer you to a website, but the moderators of this site keep yelling at me when I do, but it rhymes with shmody shmuilding dawt cawm.

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