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city-gal 08-21-2011 05:08 PM

Medi questions
Hello just started yesterday. Thrilled with this site but overwhelmed at all the information. I have a few questions.
1) Week one is it okay to eat pickles?
2) Can you put lemon in your water?
3)HOW do you drink so much water trying to get it all in. I am very excited.
4) anyone else with PCOS out there?

I have been going to a doctor for 2 years and lost less then 20 pounds combined with WW. I am hopeful that this will be the thing to finally set me free from my weight. I have been exercising and eatting low GI for a while.

Thank you I need all the support and advice I can get. Have a lot of weight to lose!

EpitomeOfSuccess 08-23-2011 07:01 AM

Hi city-gal. I haven't officially started Medi yet, but I do have PCOS. I too have a significant amount of weight to lose. I was told by my ob/gyn that weightloss could correct all of my fertility/menustration issues. I hope he is correct.

city-gal 08-24-2011 05:59 PM

I think this is a pefect plan for people like us. I am excited to see the results

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