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determined lady 08-05-2011 08:43 AM

Need your info....Medi plan clients!!!
Hi everyone....1st timer to any plan or online forum. On my 2nd day of acute plan. yesterday went great - no hunger - no cravings, thanks to shots and pills but woke up several times last night with achy body and headache. Started vomiting this morning about 90 mins. after meds. (I did take my pills 15 mins. after eating eggbeaters as instructed so not to experience nausea from empty stomach). I couldnt hold anything down for 3 1/2 hrs.

Called clinic and nurse said I must have a "bug" since my symptoms were not normal. I did have chills and lightheadedness but I figured that was from the vomiting. Told not to take pills again til tomorrow am. I just want to know has anyone else experienced severe nausea when starting this plan?? I still have a headache but with motrin it's less severe...only got down 3 oz of chicken 2 hrs ago and am going to try the protein shake shortly. It would be just my luck to catch a stomach bug on day 2 but seems suspicious and possibly related to plan. I WILL NOT QUIT...I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE THIS WORK...I just need encouragement that this isnt caused from the plan.

Please all you experienced members of MWL - would like your imput!

(determined lady)

ferrarimomof3 08-05-2011 12:45 PM

I didn't experience severe nausea. However, I did get really sick feeling on day 2 or 3 the first week. I kept a headache for several days. It could be your body detoxing or a bug. Good news is mine went away and yours will too. Whether it is a bug or plan. Just keep at plan and don’t give up. It is so worth it and most importantly so are YOU. Have a great day.

determined lady 08-05-2011 01:49 PM

Thank you "ferrarimomof3"....today is day 3....headache almost completely gone...still feel a little weak but much better. I did change one thing...I took the "vita-super" vitamin just now with my lunch (3 oz lean ground hamburger) -after 3pm - just in case that added to my a.m. nausea. I am going to make this work...I really appreciate your encouragement.

I will be checking in here to see how others are coping and for advice. You've been on MWL since Jan 2011?? If so, do u still take their pills and shots and are you down to monthly visits? or are you maintaining on your own? :)

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