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adventuress 08-04-2011 08:37 AM

Excercise - Cycling and Running
Hi All,
I enjoy cycling and discussed this when I started my plan. I was told not to cycle the 1st week, then after that I could incorporate an extra snack from an approved list on my excercise days. I generally cycle in the evenings about 11 miles about twice a week and do a 20 mi ride on the weekend. I will eat a protein meal about an hour before-hand and have my carb snack right before my rides, but I don't think I'm getting enough energy as I seem to lose steam about halfway through. I also found that if I rely too heavily on protein for my sustaining energy that I get a bit of a tummy upset.

My last weigh-in I only lost 2.6 lbs (week 3) and she told me I should only be doing light excercise to lose weight. However, the scale said I actually lost 5 lbs of fat (with some water gain, hence the low weight-loss). Well, I'm not going to stop cycling. It will be a lot easier hauling 150 lbs up a hill on two wheels than the current 183 lbs I'm dragging up those hills, so I'm looking for advice. Anyone else out there doing any intensive cardio-type excercises? How do you manage eating? What works for you?

BTW - right now it's 110+ degrees in TX so I have no choice but to ride in the evening, so sometimes I end up eating late.


guitarjg 08-04-2011 08:43 AM

I had similar issues. When I went heavy on the cardio, i.e. 10 mile bike rides and 3 hour hikes, my weight loss was minimal, but the Tanita showed water gain and fat loss.

I recently toned it down a lot. I've been doing more weights and less cardio. Results have improved dramatically.

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