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slbpl61 08-01-2011 06:59 AM

What to avoid the day before Weigh-in
As I continue on this journey, I am more and more fascinated with everything from overall wellness to the dynamics of what makes our weight fluctuate daily. Someone posted somewhere about avoiding shrimp before a weigh-in. I realize alot of factors come into play with food intake like portion control and sodium content to TOM and exercise and water. I know the plan works as prescribed but are there any of you out there that consciously avoid certain foods the day before a weigh-in? What does your daily intake look like for this day?

guitarjg 08-01-2011 08:05 AM

I try everyday to drink lots and lots of water and green tea. On days before a weigh in I try to eat my dinner early and drink lots of water / coffee / green tea. I also have little to no salt the day before and I try to minimize my salt too because I'm hypertensive and I retain water easily.

Basically, I eat the day before a weight in the way I should always eat!

I also try to avoid any exercise the day before a weigh in, especially resistance training. I personally find that any time my muscles are sore or I exercise vigorously I will weigh more the next day.

It really is a mental battle against the scale, but you have to look at your monthly progress more so than weekly.

Rozzie 10-19-2011 06:08 PM

Great job guitarjg....I just really started but I am hoping to be down 60 pounds total. I have lost 14 pounds (started on October 1, 2011) so 14 pounds in 19 days...I am really happy, I have seen the fads and I have tried some of them, but this has made me a believer...I pray you reach ur second goal really soon...best of success!

hyonlyf 10-20-2011 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by guitarjg (Post 14875040)
Basically, I eat the day before a weight in the way I should always eat!

:hyst: I know, terrible but true!

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