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pnmartino 07-31-2011 07:20 AM

Acute phase - Calorie increase after 4 months - your thoughts?
I've been on Medi for 4 months, and I've lost 34 pounds of fat. I've had very little change in the last month however so I've increased my exercise quite a bit and starting doing much harder workouts. But I've also started experiencing dizziness and fatigue. So I've upped my calories from between 800 to 1000, and feel much better. (I take the Stay Slim, was not able to take the phendemetrazine, but they still had me on 600 protein calories for acute.) I'm in acute phase and have another 30 pounds to go, but it seemed like I had hit a wall. My counselor is ok with the additional calories, and I'm starting with personal training this week to really customize my workouts.

My question is whether anyone else has experienced the need to increase calories this much during the acute phase, and how it's affected their weight. I am monitoring closely to make sure I know what's working or not, but a bit nervous. I've also upped my carbs a bit, and typically have a half fruit plus two veggies.

Any thoughts, advice, words of encouragement are appreciated! Thanks!

reebs 07-31-2011 08:05 PM

I would say for the past 2 months I felt hungry, the phendi wasn't curbing the hunger much anymore, so I started eating closer to 800-900 calories. The extra coming from cheese and nuts. My clinic said if I was hungry to eat protein since they were not going to increase my AS. I still continued to lose every week at the rate of about 1-2 pounds. I was also exercising 20 mins a day about 4 times a week (cardio).

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