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workoutgirl 07-27-2011 08:05 AM

Medi-weightloss program
Can someone give me some info on the Medi-weightloss program. Prior to my going for an initial appointment I had some questions from people actually on the program. Is it only 500 calories the first week or do they have other options and plans? How restricted is the diet as far as grains, raw fruit, veggies, etc. Has the plan worked long term? Keeping the weight off is the hardest part as we all know. Was it worth the investment since they are pricey compared to others. Any detail that you guys can provide would be great! Thank you ahead of time.

neneRN 07-27-2011 08:26 AM

It is generally 500 calories of protein for the first week, then after Week 1, you add in 2 cups of veggies each day. There are also some allowable snacks. My program stayed at 500 calories of protein plus the veggies for the duration, but I've read on these boards that some centers fluctuate the calorie allowance depending on your weight and activity level. You are provided with a list of allowable veggies/fruits, but no grains. It sounds extreme, but with the Phentermine, I found it really easy to stick to. Well worth the investment, best money I ever spent, even though I was very skeptical and nervous going in. I lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks, met goal in October...have maintained just by continuing to eat low carb, but that is my choice, the clinic actually recommended adding healthy carbs back in for maintenance...but it works better for me to just stay away from them altogether. Having said that, I have gained a few pounds back a few months ago...went on girls' vacation, honeymoon for a week...actually just started back on acute phase of Medi on my own this week...not going to clinic, just tightening things up for a few weeks to get back to where I was. Hope this helps, it really is a great program, and the cost alone was enough to keep my accountable.

guitarjg 07-27-2011 08:32 AM

I started at 370 lbs, I'm 6'2" and male. I was put on 800 calories of protein a day.

The third week I added in 2 servings of veggies a day and 3 approved snacks a week that do not count toward the 800 calories of protein. You can also have 1 fruit a day in place of the 2 veggies 3 times a week, but I rarely if ever have fruit.

The low calorie is managable with the aid of the appetite suppresants. I prefer the 1 a day phentermine over the 3 a day phendimetrizine.

The invest is 100% worth it. I spend 85 dollars a week at the clinic and maybe 25 - 30 dollars a week on food due to the low intake. I was easily spending twice this amount when overeating / binge-eating.

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