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Shar82 05-31-2011 04:39 PM

So I had a great first week at just over 11 lbs, second week at 3.6 lbs...and since then I'm averaging 1.4 lbs a week. I'm in week 6 now...I'm doing EVERYTHING right plus working out. I've talked to them and they adjusted my calories and have given me suggestions, but it hasn't made a difference. If I even look at a piece of fruit I'm out of ketosis and have to do week one for a few days to get back in. I'm really frustrated and not sure if it's worth me to keep spending the money on not even one and a half pounds a week... suggestions? Ideas? Help? I'm really down today. PS my husband, who is NOT working out and cheats here and there is down over 30 lbs and he is doing it the same amount of time as me. I know I know guys lose faster but it just makes me jealous and more upset that it's not working like that for me and I'm constantly falling out of ketosis!!!

lins 05-31-2011 06:00 PM

#1 I rarely ate fruit during acute. Really only 2 times a week or so.

#2 I am a runner and after about 4 weeks I stopped being in ketosis. Heavy exercise can make you test negative even though you are still in ketosis.

#3. I would have weeks where I would lose a lot and then weeks where I would barely lose any, but it was way better than when I did it on my own.

#4. Try not to compare yourself to your husband or others. My husband eats about 4000 calories a day (he really does, because he has high metabalis issues), and he still struggles to maintain his weight and not loose it.......talk about not being fair.

Shar82 05-31-2011 06:11 PM

I'm a runner too...They adjusted my calories up and I started adding ProFuse to my water so I get calories/protein and it actually tastes good. I'm just frustrated b/c we are on a tight budget so it's hard for me to want to keep spending so much money for not a lot of results. I just want to get back down weight and I feel so frustrated lately :-( I've been on the verge of tears all day. I broke down at work and started crying after the weigh in.

AprilAnn 05-31-2011 07:00 PM

You are doing so great. Remember those 20 pounds you've lost. I think we are in a similar position, although I think you are probably more fit than I am. I am doing Couch to 5K, so not a runner...yet! We started MEDI at a similar time and weight. I had a week at .5 loss, next week 1.5, then was told to have a cheat meal to see if that would boost the metabolism and then had a 3.5 loss. Now at today's weigh in, only .5 again! Yes, it is so frustrating! So I have been told to have one cheat meal a week. Baysidegal mentioned to make sure it is a "healthy carb" cheat vs. just eating anything. Water and stool may have something to do with things, so make sure your fiber pills are working. I would take Lins suggestion of limiting the fruit if you aren't already. I am not an expert, since I am in a similar situation, but try to switch a few things up. Maybe go for half hour brisk walks in the evening to add in some extra movement. I think I'm going to try that and go back to more simple week 1-ish 2-ish eating to see if it makes a difference. (Sorry such a long reply, but I feel ya!)

suchissteph 06-02-2011 04:39 PM

I read that eating too much of the atkins bars can throw you out of ketosis...something about the sugar alcohols. I'm not an expert, but 20 lbs is pretty damn good. I know I'm gonna be in the same boat if I go in and lose half a pound. What suggestions did your counselor give?

Cathrann 06-15-2011 01:15 PM

Similar Experience
Shar, I do my week 2 weigh in tomorrow. The first week I lost 5.8. I was told since I was an active person (I biked 10 miles on day 2 of week 1!) that I had to stay under 20 carbs per day, but could up my calories. My understanding is that, while in ketosis, I might lose weight more slowly if I ate more than 500 cals/day, but if I stayed as active, I could consume up to 800-900 or so, depending on the activity. I am weighing myself at home and appear to only have lost 2 lbs this week. My thought process is as follows: "I am paying to starve myself for no reason?! Why?!?!" I suppose I could stick to the 500 cal approach, but I have to say, I have NO energy and am dizzy when I do this. :annoyed: If I eat 700-900 cals/day, burn off approx 300-400 cals in exercise, and am still in ketosis, I don't see why I am not seeing more results? (Just a note, I eat 500-600 when not doing strenuous exercise). Even my nurse seemed disappointed in my weight loss last week, and was hoping for more tomorrow. Argh. :mad:

I wish I knew more about the program to encourage you. For now, I offer empathetic frustration! :)

suchissteph 06-17-2011 08:30 PM

Hey. Just checking on you to see if you had a better week. Is it possible that you aren't losing more because your are burning so many calories that it's putting you into a starvation mode?
I just started doing the interactive exercise kit they sell (kicking my butt!). They said to make sure that on the days I did it, to eat at least 700 calories. I am burning 147 cals according to the medi site doing the exercises.
Suffice to say, last week I didn't lose any fat mass and lost 1.5 lbs. I think those lbs were from my wallet. Only started exercising last friday.

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