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kayakindeb 02-02-2011 03:50 AM

need encouragement
Hello!I'm Deb, started Medi weight loss 3 weeks ago. I am trying to lose 70 pounds and historically have had difficulty with this. (only lost 10 pounds on the HCG diet). I lost 4 pounds the first week, 3 the second, and only 1.8 this 3rd week. My clothes only marginally fit better. I am following the diet to the letter, and drinking the required water. Last week the doc put me on metformin because in the second week I fell out of ketosis eating only the veggies and protein. I am back in ketosis and exercising. I also have hypothyroidism and take armour, my TSH is .5. I am SO frustrated. Trying to stay positive but when other people are dropping 20 pounds or more the first month and yet again I'm struggling , it is very frustrating! I'm not miserable on the diet at least, just trying not to get discouraged. 80 dollars a week is a lot of money for this diet!
I should add that I tried this diet 2 years ago and had the exact same problem. I lost 20 pounds and stalled out after the first 6 weeks. I was on it for 6 months and didn't budge on the weight loss and was going to a different clinic. They wouldn't put me on metformin and I felt like I was being blown off so I quit going.
Lots of encouragement needed please! :confused:

Mary T8M 02-02-2011 05:17 AM

Hi Deb, :welcome:
I KNOW it's frustrating as all get out when you know you're doing everything right, and the results are just NOT what you want/expect! You've come to the right place for the support you need!:clap: EVERYONE here is WONDERFUL.

OK so first the BEST place to post is on the monthly thread http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/me...ruary-mwl.html Unlike the main LCF board people here like to keep things more concise, and in one spot. Posting on the monthly thread gets the most views, and hopefully any questions you have will get answered faster.

I've been on this WOE sinve last April and am still not at goal :mad:. I too have been really "perfect" especially the past few days again, and expected to get on the scale this AM and see a loss........BUT NOOOOOOO In fact I gained another pound! :mad::mad::mad: Am I MAD? Heck yeah! Am I going to give up? NO WAY! Giving up and going back to my old unhealthy way of dealing with disappointment is how I got to be 228 pounds! We all lose at different rates, and all have our own problems to deal with....age, health, hormones, activity all play a part. My DH is also doing Medi. Even though men traditionally lose faster than women, he didn't........It took quite a while for his insulin resistance to get under control.....then the weight just started "falling off"! Hang in there, come join our monthly thread, and I hope to see pictures of a happier, HEALTIER you very soon! (I love seeing everyones pictures) ;)

kayakindeb 02-02-2011 05:08 PM

thank you for your reply. Not sure how to move this post though, without just copying and repasting. The doc did tell me today that I've probably been insulin resistant since I was a kid as I used to have hypoglycemic attacks. I was a size 5 and muscular until about 8 years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. She said it goes hand in hand with IR. she's convinced the metformin will help. Maybe even though I"m spilling ketones I'm still having high insulin levels even though I"m on the metformin and it will just take a little bit to really be effective? Anyway, I'm trying to, as you, not let this frustrate me into, yet again, giving up, so I appreciate the advice!

Mary T8M 02-02-2011 05:47 PM

No real need to repost, just start reading and posting on the monthly threads. Truly, the people here are the BEST! Everyone has been where you are, and will be more than willing to share their wisdom:hugs:

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