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Jessigirl 01-16-2011 01:30 PM

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to just drop in and say hi. :hiya:

I start the program this Thursday and am super excited. At first review I thought this the 28 (5 star) reviews had to be fake, i.e. paid for, staff members etc, but after reading this forum I am a true believer that this program must indeed work.

I currently weight 155lbs and am looking to get back down to 120. With everyone's experience how long should this goal take? Last night I went shopping and picked out a sexy dress and heels (I can't fit into it yet) for Valentines Day. I hope that wasn't presumptuous of me :dunno:

Does anyone else work full time and do this diet? I'm nervous about being hungry, or sick feeling or dizzy at work.


kelly4me 01-17-2011 07:20 AM

Hey Jessigirl, I hope that Medi is as great for you as it has been for me. I'm a stay at home Mom, so I can't answer your work questions, but I do know that having a variety of low-carb snacks available is a huge must for me. Your clinic should give you a snack list for your second week.

I believe that the clinic advertises "up to" 20 pounds for the first month of weight loss, but a lot of that depends on how much you have to lose and how dedicated your are to the program. I lost right around 20 in the first four weeks - 10.9 the first week and around 3 lbs per week for the next three weeks. I was very stringent about the plan and recorded everything. It worked very well for me.

The first week on the plan can be somewhat of a bear. That's when you're likely to have the carb-withdrawl headaches. Just remember that it's short lived. I was successful with the appetite suppressants and I really was not hungry after week 1. That made all the difference in the world with being able to follow the program. If you find yourself hungry, sick or dizzy after the 1st week, definitely call your clinic. You shouldn't be feeling that way and they don't want you to.

The week 1 and monthly threads (current Jumping Joyously in January) are great places to get support and a better response rate for your questions.

Good luck on your Medi journey! It really is a great program.

Jessigirl 01-24-2011 02:47 PM

Thank you for your response! I am currently on day 2 and am thirstier than a fish! I can't stop feeling thirsty :annoyed: Other than that I feel fine. With the tips on this board and a few recipes from the clinic I don't feel deprived as I did with other meals. Of course I'm still wanting (not craving) sweets and stuff but it doesn't seem too long before I can have them again :)

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