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Nannyhooch 01-11-2011 04:42 PM

First MWL appointment Friday...Jan. 14, 2011!!!
Hello Everyone,

Have been researching MWL and am very excited that I made my first appointment for this Friday! I took my first baby step toward a new life, several more to go! I will need all the help/support I can get!

Have been on the diet yo-yo since the birth of my first child 27 yrs ago! Then my son was born 24 yrs ago and I still have baby fat to lose..LOL

Reading everyones post is such an inspiration, so much positive thoughts and results! I need that!

Oh yeah just thought I would add that I am also a grandmother of three beautiful little girls. They gave me my lovely name of Nannyhooch, combining a very well loved family pet Hooch and Nanny together so I am Nannyhooch! I am unique! I am also truly blessed to have two beautiful children, three beautiful grand daughters, a wonderful husband, an awesome family and alot of truly awesome friends!!!

Would love to join this MWL family! I need you, and hope I can help you!:love:

Mary T8M 01-12-2011 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Nannyhooch (Post 14260642)
Hello Everyone,

Would love to join this MWL family! I need you, and hope I can help you!:love:


This is a great group of VERY supportive people! Mediweightloss is the best! I too am a mother of two, and a grandmother of two. Please read all the week one posts (you'll get a LOT of questions answered before you can even ask them) and then jump right in on the monthly threads.....it keeps everything nice and neat, and more people will read what you post there, and will be of help! Be sure to check out all of the Medi friendly recipe threads too, you'll get some great ideas for weeks 2 and beyond

Nannyhooch 01-12-2011 05:49 PM

Thanks Mary T8M! I know I have a journey ahead of me, I am ready for it (I hope). I have checked out the week one post and I've already been asking questions. Everyone is very helpful.

I see you have came a long way! Congrats to you, will need help from someone like yourself that has come so far!

Desert-Rose7 01-13-2011 01:55 AM

Welcome to the group! Be sure to check out the thread noted below for lots of tips, support and encouragement for your first few weeks and months in the program:


And be sure to join us in our monthly thread as well for support and encouragement too!


Nannyhooch 01-13-2011 05:27 AM

Thank you Desert Rose7! I have been reading and researching this entire forum. Alot of information!

Ready for my consultation #1! =)

Nannyhooch 01-22-2011 04:48 AM

I lost 5.5 pounds! Woo Hoo
:kicking: Very proud of my loss, thought it might be more! But will take anything I can get. The clinic thinks I may have been in starvation mode because I wasn't suppose to exercise and I help daughter move 2 days and didn't replenish Protein calories.:blush: Oops, didn't know to. Didn't want to go off diet plan! Now I know that I am to replenish calories burned thru exercise! Live and Learn!

Proud to add vegetables this week! Didn't know I would miss them so much!

Hanging in there:clap:

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