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ferrarimomof3 01-11-2011 09:36 AM

I joined yesterday and started today.

I am very excited to start this journey today. I have talked to several people and looked over the forum about this program. I am a mother of 3. My youngest is 1. I finished breastfeeding almost two months ago. I don't intend on anymore kids. So, I decided this was the plan for me now. I have done all kinds of diet plans before and been successful. However, I usually get pregnant not long after the weight loss. I intend on this being my last weight program. I got motivated because I don't like the way I look, feel, my health, and my family. It also doesn't hurt that my husband's 20 year class reunion is at the beginning of July. We started dating his senior year. So, I know a lot of these people and do not want to go this size. However, I must admit that a really big motivation was when my husband told me what my 4 year old daughter said. He was talking to her one night and made a comment about you can be like mama. Her reply was she didn't want to be like mama. He asked her why and she said because mama is fat. That hits you really hard. I cried and thought I have to change her perception of me. I need to be healthy and a great role model for my children. My 4 year old already doesn't eat and never has. I don't need it to get worse. Sorry, I went off on a pity me party and that is not what I intended.

I am a stay at home mom and love my family very much. I just wanted to say hello and I am excited to get to know each of you and share our stories and motivation.

I hope you all have a great day.


mommy2princesses 01-11-2011 12:15 PM

Dionne -

Welcome! Please join us in our monthly thread, I think you'll get lots of inspiration and support there. I too am a stay at home mom, 2 girls ages 5 and 2 1/2. If I could do this - believe me, you can too. One of my greatest victories on this way of eating was the day my 5 yr old wrapped her arms around and said (with surprise in her voice) how her arms could touch each other around my waist. I have seen a positive impact on my kids eating habits and the way we talk about foods. Good luck with this journey!

Desert-Rose7 01-13-2011 03:00 AM

Welcome to the group!

As Keri has said above,be sure to check out our monthly thread...and also the thread noted below for great tips, hints, and encouragement and support for the first weeks/months on the program:



Nannyhooch 01-18-2011 04:48 PM

Hello Dionne!
I see your in Alabama, like me! How is the MWL going for you? I go for my first weigh in Friday! I feel I have lost weight but not brave enough to get on my scales yet. I have not been hungry, having to make myself eat. I want to pick up food and eat out of habit. But, if I think about it I don't really want it! I grab a big glass of water and walk away!

Hope it's going good for you!:kicking:

ferrarimomof3 01-19-2011 12:25 PM

It is going good. I went for my first weigh in yesterday and was down 8.6lbs. Of that 4.2lbs was fat. I just started the second week and I am a bit confused about adding the vegetables and fruit. I like you have not been hungry after the first day. I sometimes have to make myself eat. I will take the prescription and get busy and look and realize I am way past time to eat. I too will tend to want to pick up food and eat when the kids eat snacks and I have to stop and think about it. I will go on Friday for my supplement shot.

I, also hope your weigh in is great.

ferrarimomof3 01-19-2011 12:32 PM


I see you are in South Alabama. Are you going to clinic in Fairhope or Mobile?

Nannyhooch 01-22-2011 05:57 AM

Hello Dionne!
Congrats on the 8.6 pounds! Awesome:kicking:

Apologize that I am just now responding to you, I work all week and it's hard to find time to get on the computer!

I go to the Fairhope clinic. Very nice people there, they are very helpful!

I started my week 2 today, and yes I am confused some too! I was reading over all of my material last night:stars:
I have finally gotten it down pat what I can have on week one and now this!! LOL It's a good thing I just don't want to go overboard! How is it going for you? Are you subtracting exercise protein calories lost from your proteins for the day and adding back? I don't think there was a listing for chasing children around all day...LOL That should be a big protein replenishment!:kicking:

GatorEng2007 01-23-2011 08:12 PM

Welcome Dionne!

sounds like you are off to a good start!

ferrarimomof3 01-25-2011 03:43 PM

Michelle- It's okay. I am sorry I am just getting back on here to respond to you. I am at the Mobile clinic. I went for my second weigh in today and was down another 4.2lbs. I am not exactly sure what you talking about subtracting exercise proteins and adding back. My doctor has not said anything to me about that. Although it could be because I didn't exercise last week except for chasing the kids. But, nothing I could quantify.

ferrarimomof3 01-25-2011 03:44 PM

Charlie- Thanks for the welcome. It looks like you are doing great!! I hope to do as good as you have so far.

GatorEng2007 01-25-2011 04:20 PM


Thanks! Just keep with the program and don't beat yourself up when you don't, and you should be fine. :-)

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