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SkinnyMonkey 12-15-2010 01:21 PM

Need help for a POT LUCK!
We are having a pot luck at work tomorrow (holiday party). I'm still in the ACUTE phase. Need help with something to bring!

The ONLY thing being brought so far that I can "possibly" eat is a Honey Baked Ham (and well, even THAT has carbs! SUGAR!!)


Don't know what to do! I hate doing this over the holidays! Really Really HATE it....SO close to saying hell with it and restarting on January 1st!!!

Any suggestions???:stars::stars:

puttchikins 12-15-2010 01:27 PM

I always bought a cucumber mousse to pot lucks while on lo carb

Desert-Rose7 12-15-2010 01:52 PM

Take a look at our recipe threads. There are a lot of good ideas in there. And it is hard during the holidays. Take a look at my start date...I lost 11 pounds my first week...so it is totally possible.


GatorEng2007 12-15-2010 02:29 PM

I have the same issue. My office is doing the "12days of christmas" but with food... basically for the 12 days leading up to our holiday shutdown there is a constant stream of food in the area. I also have a Girls Only holiday party on saturday that I am supposed to bring stuff to.

I have found a few ideas on the Medi recipie boards, and also in the top level low carb friends recipie boards. Just be careful with those... some are a little high in carbs/cals.

Another good source is the Medi website. There are a few recipies posted there.

I think for the work food event (tomorrow is my day to help contribute) I am going to bring a salad. I found a recipie (yes I need a recipie for a salad) on the LCB message boards. it has lettuce, cherry, tomatoes, olives, radishes, parmesan chese, red onions, and italian dressing on it - all stuff I can have if in the right proportions. There is also a recipie for cucmber, onion, and tomato salad (which is basically those ingredients mixed with oil and balsamic vinegar).

For the saturday party I found a slow cooked pork tenderloin recipie on the Medi website that I think I will try. My backup plan (as I have never used my crock pot and knowing me it will go terribly wrong) is to make jalepeno poppers (jalapenos + FF Cream cheese wrapped in bacon and baked until done). I may make those anyways....separately I like all of those ingredients....so I am sure they are yummy when combined. :-)

If you find any other potluck food ideas I am all ears. :-)

As far as being able to eat at the potluck? you will just have to be picky. Let everyone else get food first and then go get what you can have. at least then there may be less people at the feeding trough (I mean food table...) that will comment on your picky habits. I have just avoided the holiday table all week and brought my lunch. Tomorrow I will probably only eat what I am bringing.

I started the week before thanksgiving. Don't give up. It's not the end of the world if you can have what you normally like over the holidays (its only food, the holidays are not about food). You are going to be much healthier because of it. If you absolutely must... have a small bite of someone elses. This thanksgiving I had turkey, green beans, and salad for dinner. Plus a bite of my my boyfriend's yams and a bite of pie. And survived just fine and lost 4 ish pounds that week.

Best of luck!

cucumber mousse... I may have to find that one.

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