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sarunr11 07-20-2010 05:32 AM

HELP...Leaving acute phase, now what????
Due to lack of funds and the fact that I am within 2% of my fat percentage being below 30, I now need to move into the "transition" phase I believe??? I have been off the meds since Sunday and not sure what I should be taking for the fat burner and the stay slim as well as where to go from here on foods. I still maintain 500-600 calories a day and am within 4lbs of my goal weight but I feel there is such a drop off from the meds to the stay slim. I am so used to taking pills morning, noon and night and now it seems like I don't take anything until afternoon and evening??? I can't see the doc until Thursday and would love to get some assistance until then. I certainly am not jumping back into carbs but to go from such high accountability on everything I put into my mouth to now "ok you can do this at home alone" seems very scary.........:confused:

Desert-Rose7 07-20-2010 10:42 AM

Try the thread below for some tips and support:


And continue to check the monthly thread as well for encouragement and support.

And remember, you are accountable to yourself now and you were in the acute phase as well. Continue to journal, that may well be your saving grace as it details everything you put in your mouth. I still journal and I am a year out from the acute phase.


sarunr11 07-21-2010 05:41 AM

Thanks Jo
This should help me and guide me through the next phase of what to be mindful of. I will continue to journal as this has helped me tremendously. I appreciate your help and will check in w/ you in a month!!:up:

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