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irabeslim 05-25-2010 01:11 PM

Anyone going to MWC clinic in Staten Island, NY
I just joined this forum, but I was doing MWL since January 2010. I was doing really good but in the last 2 weeks I felt like I was losing my drive and started to "cheat" a little which resulted in falling out of the "ketosis". I knew I needed support, fresh ideas, etc. I found this forum and it helped me get back on track, into ketosis and losing again. I am down 69 lb with, ideally with 40 more to go. Just wondering if there is somebody out there going to the same clinic in NYC. If not, I would appreciate a word of encouragement form the "senjor" forum members. Thanks!!

Sweetmama2 05-26-2010 05:56 AM

At one time I lived on Darcey (Ave. Rd. or St.) I was fresh from Alabama and working in the apparel industry so after three years I moved into Manhattan at 43rd and 10th. I enjoyed our time on Staten Island. I weighed up to 313 and when I first went to MWLC I weighed 302. This was my first weeks weigh in and I lost 8.4 pounds. You can see by this that I too have a long ways to go. I have friends who have lost over 111 pounds so I know it can be done on this program. Maybe you have reached a plataue for a short while. Don't give up and don't punish yourself either. What's done is done. So pick yourself up and put you big drawers on and start all over again. That's a good idea! Yes, if you still have a piece of your original underwear then put it on and get inspired over it falling off you now. See how good you have done so far. Now read a good book, go to the movies, or get a bicycle and ride for a while. Do something different from your usual schedule and see if that will get your thinking back on track. I wish you well.

irabeslim 05-28-2010 09:17 AM

Thank you, sweetmama, great idea about underwear! I am back on track, did 3 days of just 500 cal of proteins (not pleasant, missing my veggies) but looks like I am losing again. Just need to remind myself how difficult my life was back at 70 lb heavier. Even walking was a "big" job. Now I am a different person. Since you just started, I would like to offer you a word of encouragement. This diet is wonderfull (believe me, I tried ALL of them out there), it gets easier after the first 2 weeks and when you see you losing 3-4 lb a week, you get so encouraged. You will need to be creative with your food - use this forum for recipe ideas - because it does get boring. What helped me tremendously, is the printout from the weigh-in showing that I was steadily losing fat and not the muscles. And this is the healthy way to lose weight! Good luck!

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