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Ortal 05-24-2010 07:50 AM

When was it noticable for you? where?
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I think my weight loss is now finally starting to be really see a difference is in some recent pictures my mom took. I can see it in my arms and in my face big time.

I know we have a thread of before and after pics, which is awesome and inspiring, but maybe we can have a thread of some in-betweens?

This is me with about a 20 lb difference. not the best after pic but boy does my face loo kthinner. Plus I get to show off my boyfriend and my gorgeous daughter :) I dont have many before pics that I can find cause I promptly deleted them afte rseeing how I looked :sick:

Please share yours!!!

Dragonfire 05-24-2010 09:18 AM

Hey Ortal,

It became more noticeable at the 20lb mark for me has well. Personally I just noticed my arms and breasts shrinking. My fiance and my friends noticed my face being thinner and the bagginess in my pants.

KTeacherNC 05-24-2010 05:34 PM

I noticed this weekend when I wore a pair of jeans I haven't worn in 2 years! Yahoo! But when I look in the mirror I still can't see it.

eptexy 05-25-2010 06:02 AM

My face for sure. And my hands. And my boobs. All the places I don't need to lose. Waiting for my booty and thighs to catch up with the rest of me... Maybe the fat is just loosening up on my upper half and sliding downward. lol

Ortal 05-25-2010 07:16 AM

yeah for me its always face/boobs first. The face isnt bad... i felt so plump (for lack of a better word) in old pics. can anyone else see the difference?

lins 05-25-2010 07:33 AM

It's face and fingers for me. My wedding ring is super loose on my finger. I need to get it resized.

I can wear a smaller size now too, but when I look in the mirror I don't see any difference. I am sure that I do, and people tell me that I look thinner, but I'm not seeing it yet. It's still a little "too good to be true" for me. I can't imagine weight less than I do right now because it's been so long, but I know that if I stick with it I will.

Lindsey H 06-06-2010 03:22 PM

oh noo im on wk two go to doc on thurs the 9th of june .. I dont wanna loose boobage ...i barely have any to begin with ::( lol doc said i should start feeling my clothes get loose this week .. im excited !! but not for loss of boobage ..thats not cool .. i have been trying to get in touch with others going through the medi weight loss program too soo if anyone wants to share some input with me i would greatly appreciate some medi friends my email is leh1207@gmail.com

thnx Lindsey

SonoRoo 06-06-2010 04:33 PM

Face and boobs for me, and the spare tire around my middle. I wear scrubs all the time and I can notice it by how loose the tops are around where my spare tire is and in my thighs. I've already dropped down a size in scrubs. My face and my double chin are thinning out. The boobs are shrinking, not that I mind. I've never been large chested and I don't really care about having large ones. An A to a small B cup would be perfect for me. I just want to see the fat around the middle to disappear completely. I hate wearing loose shirts to hide the muffin top. :(

lins 06-06-2010 04:57 PM

I'm all of a sudden starting to tell. I had lost 6 lbs in two weeks, but then my TOM came so I was bloated, now that, I am passed that I think I am finally feeling those 6 more pounds off. As of this morning on my home scale I am down 25lbs, and 2 pant sizes. I am throwing clothes into the "give away" pile every day because they are just getting way too big on me. It's fun but frustarting I am able to wear less and less of my clothes (I had some in a smaller size), and I don't want to spend a lot on new ones because I still have another 20 pounds to lose which I know will be at least one more size possibly 2.

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