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mcocopie 04-05-2010 06:36 AM

First week..pls advice

Today is my third day of medi diet plan...I am basically a vegetarian and eat chicken/non veg occasionally.

Reading everyone review/story on Protein for first week makes me nervous..my clinic has put me on veggie diet in first week. And allowed me to have one or two diet coke/ Tea (with sugarfree).

Two days have been really tough..My diet chart for two days is (lettuce_ salad,white egg, cheese strings, chicken ,lite-dressing,2 cups of tea n one diet coke) which is not going more than 500 calories. I am feeling very low depress and feel as i have no energy left in my body.

Would i be able to reduce weight with everything so different in my plan and NOT protein. Pls advice

cjbee 04-07-2010 12:52 PM

Ah we all feel that way in the beginning but we blaim it on sugar withdrawl. The first week was hard -guzzle your water-drink hot tee have veggie broth-and get the 2nd b-12 shot. If you feel really really bad -call the counselor so they can advise you. After Day 3 I started getting better by week 2 I had more energy then ever! Although some of it was period related-GOOD LUCK

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