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Carrie Ellen 03-20-2010 12:25 PM

a little help please???
Very stressful week... daughter tested positive for mono, spent 2 full days in court for my friends custody case.... ate crackers before i testified so I wouldnt vomit on the stand.... Out of ketosis, emotionally drained... how do i get back on track?

I did awesome the first 5 weeks, i focused solely on myself... but the last week was 110% about everyone else and now im anxious like nobody's business.

I hit the gym for 2 hours this morning so im beat.... but trying to push through the rest of the day. I weigh in Tuesday so I will be hopefull that I havent taken 2 steps back.

Advice? What do I do until my appt Tuesday?

kristenb 03-20-2010 05:02 PM

Hi Carrie! Don't stress! I've gotten out of ketosis once or twice and was able to get right back in by going back to week one eating for a day or two (I really think I've only had to do it for one day). After eating just my protein for one day I seem to go right back in and then I just gradually add the vegetables back in.

For example, if I were out of ketosis on Sunday I would eat only protein on Monday. Then, Tuesday morning if I was back in ketosis I would add my one cup of vegetables. Then Wednesday increase to two cups and finally, bu Thursday I would be back to my 500 calories of protein and 3 cups of vegetables (not to exceed 20g of carbs). Hope this helps! Good luck, you're doing awesome!

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