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eptexy 03-15-2010 11:27 AM

Medi and Family Life - Tips and Tricks
I hope starting a new thread is appropriate. I didn't see anything like it when I searched.

I am a busy mom of 3 boys - 2 of healthy weight (if not slightly under weight) and 1 over weight. Also have a skinny husband. :annoyed: lol

So far, I have pretty much tossed all of the junk food out. Not even the skinny folks need chips and cookies! However, I know I can't be the food **** all the time. The boys are starting to balk at the "boring stuff" we have in the pantry. Anyone have tips about how to make everyone happy and maintain weight loss success at the same time? I hate that every time I'm on a diet, everyone feels like they suffer. :rolleyes:

SCgirlinFL 03-31-2010 05:52 AM

Hi Erin,

I am kindof in that situation, but it is only me and my son-7 who is not overweight, but not underweight either...he is very athletic & solid. I am slowly weaning us out of all of the "junk" food in the house. As we run out, I am not buying anymore and trying to find better alternatives...example - no more pop-tarts, but now whole wheat cinnamon bread w/ I Can't Believe it's Not Butter spread. No more hostess cupcakes, but chocolate covered pretzels (there is a great 100 calorie pk I use for lunch box), no more Ice cream, but we go out abt 1x a week for a treat instead of having some every night (of course I don't eat any, but it has been a great time for us to hang out and chat) I have replaced the Peanut Butter w/ the low sugar peanut butter and chips for baked ones and Sun Chips. As I am doing this slowly it seems to be working out ok, but not w/o some complaints. Good Luck, SCgirl

cjbee 04-03-2010 02:07 PM

Right now i am in a habit of totally eating separate from my skinny pasta loving husband and girls. I have been buying more fruit and veggies and slowely adding it into the diet. My husband loved the shrimpo I amde so he added it to the Lipton Pasta packet that has alfredo ---sigh but i did finely mince mushrooms and add so the girls ate it and did not even know hee hee hee evil tricks. I make the meat and they add the rest-I dont even want to cook it. I did make my girls pancakes today and boy did they smell good, but I had a 2 oz lean hamburger and was pretty satisfied so all is well. I did squeeze a banana into them though -they love fruit so I go with that often. Honestly I know it is better to sit down to eat with them but right now I have to do what is best for my health-no one is perfect,

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