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Courtney70 03-12-2010 11:56 AM

Need some maintenance advice
Hi, I am new to the board but have occasionally checked it out for recipes, encouragement,etc. Everyone has done so well and the look great in their pictures.
I am about 2 wks away from going on maintenance. I have been on the program since Nov and was going to give it til the end of March to see if I met my goal. I have been hovering around the same numbers for the past several wks, and my advisor suggested this may be where my body is comfortable.
Unfortunately, I got laid off yesterday- which means no $70 for visits right now! I went to the clinic today to cancel Monday's appt and explained to the front desk what happened. I asked if I could speak to someone for a minute, just to get some direction on how to go on maintenance on my own. I hate to have come this far and spent all this money and blow my results because I don't know what to do next. I intend to pick up with my clinic visits as soon as my situation stabilizes. It was suggested I keep the mon appt and talk to them then. I explained again that my issue is that I currently can't pay the $70 because I might need it for food, gas, electricity! So she said she'd see if someone would call me.
Well they've been closed for an hour now, and I've gotten no call today.
Hopefully someone will call next week, but right now I feel kind of deserted.
Can anyone help me with what the steps are to go on maintenance? I know I can add a carb in but I don't know anything else. I was never told a carb amount to meet each day like I've read on other posts. Or should I just continue to eat like I have been during the weight loss stage? Any advice, opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

NOT2fat4fun 03-12-2010 03:10 PM

Hi Courtney - sorry about your bad news about the job.
Having been on maintenance for awhile now I found that what works for me is to keep my carbs low. When I was in acute I focused on not going over 20 carbs a day. I eat more carbs now but it is a tricky thing with my body. It is SUPER important for me to journal everything I eat to know what carbs trigger me and or make me gain weight. I still don't eat bread or potatoes - although I know others do and manage it. I have to not overindulge on nuts - my weakness now. When the weight starts moving around I go back to protein intense foods because that is what makes me feel better. I have even gone back to week one on a few occasions when I have overindulged. (It happens).

So you can add carbs in but my suggestion is to go slow and see how your body reacts to each one as you go. Keep posting and post in the maintenance thread so you get more responses...

Good luck with it - you can do it.

Courtney70 03-13-2010 02:12 PM

Thanks for the advice. I wasn't sure I was posting in the right place! I'll work on changing it later when I have a few minutes.
I was never given a carb # as a guideline but at one visit they dud mention I could maybe have a 1/2 cup of brown rice. Maybe I'll try to add that in with dinner a few nights a wk & see what happens. I am scared now to gain weight!! I have a HUGE weakness for nuts & peanut butter that I have to limit. I notice if I go over even a little on those during the week my fat mass goes up next visit. Guess I will try to call or stop by the clinic again next week. I'm not looking for free handouts from them, just a few guidelines to follow until I can feel comfortable financially. Right now I'm just in panic mode.
Do you eat the protein bars? I was looking for something comparable where you get more for the money. Tried GNC today but they are all loaded in calories and carbs.
Thanks again for your response & I'll work on moving my question to the correct thread.

NOT2fat4fun 03-14-2010 03:23 PM

I can't eat the protein bars - or anything that says that it is 'low in net carbs'... my body can't read I guess :rofl: - they give me crazy carb cravings....my food life pretty much stays the same - protein at all meals - berries - almonds - veggies... oh and goat cheese - totally love it and so does my body...
If you go slow with introducing foods - you will find out what triggers you. I can't even chew sugarfree gum - totally makes me want carbs...

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