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Lose20inBeantown 03-02-2010 01:57 PM

Consult this week and less to lose
Hi all, I'm new, info seeking and feeling somewhat hopeless and desperate. Have you been there? As much as I love to workout I have a job that has me sitting for many hours. Has anyone used Medi to lose 20lbs? I have an appointment tomorrow. I dont' know if you get the same long term benefits. Also, I really feel I need the meds because I have been dieting on and off the same 10 lbs for 2 years and now I'm up at my highest since being pregnant. I am probably a borderline case with a 26- 26.5 BMI. Are they pretty strict about your stats to be eligible for the appetite suppressents? I've taken these meds years ago and they really helped me. Thanks.

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