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Mom2Gage 04-21-2014 10:39 AM

Am I alone in the Crash & Burn?
Seriously?? 2 weeks eating strong and totally screwed it up this weekend! Back on track today but I want to kick myself! :dunno:

Arctic_Mama 04-21-2014 11:06 AM

Nope. We all have good times and bad, I've been struggling for a few weeks. No crash and burn per se, but definitely not as controlled as I'd want, either.

The key is moving forward and trying again. Your very next choice can be a great one. And the one after that. One at a time. This is an incremental process and there is no end date, so don't treat yourself like you have failed when in fact you cannot fail unless you call it quits.

For me, I did well but had too much sugar free cheesecake last night. I also baked bread rolls for my family and ate two with some honey butter, on an otherwise low carb Resurrection Sunday. That's not what I wanted, but it's past now. This morning, however, I'm beginning my day with two hardboiled eggs and an iced coffee. Lunch will be sardines and a salad. Dinner will be a bunless burger.

That doesn't change that I've struggled for several weeks and am up a good five to seven pounds from my low weight, even with all water weight gone. But there is no budging those pounds if I don't keep trying and they won't get better if I ignore them, either. See what I'm saying?

Don't get discouraged, don't best yourself up. Look for ways you can succeed this very moment, and don't get ahead of yourself. One small, solid choice at a time that promotes your health is good enough, because those choices build and that is what gives us success in our weight loss, not absolute perfection 100% of the time and then we're toast if we can't make it. That mindset is among the most destructive in weight loss circles, don't fall for it!

snowangel9 04-21-2014 11:22 AM

Live, learn and move on. If this is a lifestyle change for you, there will always be something. A holiday a birthday, wedding etc. it's called life. Learning to navigate them is part of the process.

So, good for you for getting right back at it. We all make mistakes, we don't always learn from them. :hugs:

sbarr 04-21-2014 11:31 AM

Good job getting back on track - that's your absolute best option. Nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes - it's what you do the next day! And the day after that!
  • A month from now, if you're back on track today, this past weekend will only be a memory.
  • A month from now, if you weren't back on track, would not be good.

Mom2Gage 04-21-2014 12:48 PM

Thanks all! Great thoughts. I am back on track today and I am never giving up on ME! :).

clackley 04-21-2014 01:04 PM

Just wanted to add my support. I also think you did the absolute best thing by getting right back on track rather then letting it go on longer.

Yvonnem2000 04-21-2014 01:57 PM

You're not alone! I planned a lovely low-carb Easter, but finished it off with ice cream. Dang it! To be honest, I want more today but I'm back on track.

Portia 04-21-2014 02:08 PM

Not alone. Easter was fine but overall I've been in a bad spiral.

ladyinlove56 04-21-2014 03:51 PM

Didn't crash and burn but did give myself a free meal out to eat with DH....Did not over eat or add a lot of extras like no chips and dip for starters and just drank water .....Just got back on track today ....scales did not blow away....:) If I did fell I was crashing and burned I would just start all over...and never give up...

maximumdensity 04-21-2014 05:39 PM

Just get back on track. Beating yourself up most likely will do no good( never helps me ). Get back on the program and get back to heading toward your goals!

Best wishes!

DiamondDeb 04-21-2014 05:46 PM

Don't beat yourself up! Not ever! That does not accomplish anything good.

Just get back on track & give yourself a pat on the back for doing so. Remember that many, many people never get back on track after going off - regardless of their intentions. Getting back on track is a huge accomplishment. Tell yourself how well you're doing several times during the day. Affirmations are important to your success.

Plan so you have plenty of healthy food around & drink extra water.

You can do this! :up:

RoseofSharon 04-21-2014 05:46 PM

I've been struggling lately—don't want to update my stats. I know why I am struggling, just can't seem to stop. I'm at an age where I gain weight rapidly, too, when I start overeating.

Mom2Gage 04-22-2014 03:07 PM

Doing great on the 2nd day in a row after I fell off and I was down .5 lbs! Heck ya! That scale was forgiving!

tori_lk 04-22-2014 03:54 PM

I went on a big crash....since Halloween. I'm back...again. Don't feel bad.

sbarr 04-22-2014 04:13 PM

Nicole - the shorter the crash, the more forgiving the scale! :)

ella5 04-22-2014 04:59 PM

Good for you that you are back on track. I hope things go easier for you now.

LindaM 04-22-2014 06:21 PM

I've been off track for a couple weeks. But so far this week back doing good. Your not alone glad your back on track.

afurrything 04-22-2014 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by Yvonnem2000 (Post 16884326)
You're not alone! I planned a lovely low-carb Easter, but finished it off with ice cream. Dang it! To be honest, I want more today but I'm back on track.

We had an Easter BBQ and I did so good, ate brats, a hot dog, fresh green beans, salad. And then the chocolate mousse cake called my name. I did good at the BBQ and ate a tiny piece. It was so rich anyway a tiny piece was all I could eat. Then they left the rest of the cake with me. It was huge! I cut it into small pieces and put it all in the freezer and have been pretty good, I caved the next day and ate a piece. But yesterday and todayhave been right back on track.

proverbsgirl76 04-23-2014 05:02 AM

Love all the love up in here!!

Ocean 04-24-2014 08:26 PM

We all fall down from time to time. The key is to get back up and continue on your way.

dunginhawk 04-26-2014 09:49 AM

Not alone at all. I just dropped a lot of weight over almost 4 months. I just cheated for 8 days. Now I'm back at it. It happens. Just try to get back on board as quickly as possible, not 8 days like me haha

Aimee 04-26-2014 10:15 AM

Wow! You couldn't have said this better and at a better time. I love all of your words of encouragement and you are SO right. I have bronchitis and my dear Mom talked me into eating some carbs the other day. (Pretzels, hummus and veggies) She is a weight watchers die hard lifer haha

Anyway, a week later I'm still up 5 lbs and I'm so mad at myself. I've been a freak all week and have only gotten rid of .8 of a lb. LOL! But I'm with you... it's a process and there is no race to the finish line. I'm doing good... regardless of what that durn scale says!!!!

Trigger828 04-26-2014 11:33 AM

Crash and Burn.
everyone has their moments :)

it is an individual journey and we all must find our personal way to handle this...the weight loss part and the long term maintenance part. detours happen.....you keep your eye on the prize!!! longer and longer with LC and it becomes way more natural.

snowdancer79 04-26-2014 05:42 PM

It's a daily struggle for me. Sometimes I go for months without cheating (too terribly), other times I can't make it two days. As long as your hearts in the right place, don't beat your self up :)

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