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e&m'smom 03-23-2014 12:32 PM

Very successful LC day at the ball park :)
Baseball season has begun (my son is on a 14U travel team) and we had our first tournament yesterday. Now baseball games are all about the boys, but they are also about the snacks too ;). So I loaded up our cooler with snacks for the kids and my husband and I loaded up with our LC fare.

He made chicken Pad Thai with Shiritaki noodles - it was so good. It had about 2 carbs/serving.
I packed:
pepperoni sticks
string cheese
ranch dip

I wasn't at all envious of the red vines, popcorn and nachos that surrounded me...well, maybe a little envious of the nachos!

The funniest thing was the home plate umpire came to sit with us between games and he kept eyeing my celery sticks...I offered to share with him thinking he would decline and he took about 1/2 the baggie of my celery :)... I'll bring more celery today.

The boys did GREAT - they pitched very well and hit amazingly.

sbarr 03-24-2014 08:48 AM

Awesome - it's great to see how you incorporated that into real life - and made me smile about the umpire and the celery sticks. I would wager a guess, more people wish they brought your food stash!

e&m'smom 03-24-2014 09:22 AM

I packed similar foods for Sunday's games and by the time I was feeling hungry my cooler was almost empty. My son has a habit of sharing his food with his teammates and he had taken all of the the strawberries, almonds and string cheese :)... Note to self - pack more food next time.
The boys ended up winning ALL of their games this weekend :) Not too shabby!

Portia 03-24-2014 10:05 AM

Super impressed with you! Lacrosse starts next week and this motivates me to bring the good stuff.

Would love the pad thai recipe!

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