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Mr_Geiri 03-07-2014 09:40 PM

Kinda shocked about a "net carbs" product with polyols
So I just ate a whole bag of deBron sugarfree toffees.

They say it's 0.4 net carbs out of 100 (the bag is 90 grams).

When I put it in my daily intake excel file the results kinda shock me.

This is the nutrition info from the bag:

Per 100 grams:

-Kcal: 292
- Carbs: 82.3
(Polyols: 81.9)
- Fat: 10
- Protein: 0

The fat explains about 90 of the calories so the other 202 must come from another source. Am I right to assume that this means those 202 calories all come from the sugar alcohols? If all the carbs would be regular ones then those 82 would be 329 calories.

So considering the energy, these carbs are about 60% as active as "regular" carbs, or the same as about 50 grams of those.

So although I have been fine with erythritol in baking (it's the sugar alcohol with the least impact), I'm kinda thinking this will kick me out of ketosis.

Any thoughts on this?

KampyKool 03-07-2014 09:57 PM

The whole bag? Good luck with your 'digestion' with all that alcohol. :p

With most of those type sugar free candies, the calorie count, if not fat, protein or fiber, is due to the sugar alcohol, which as you pointed out, gives a low 'net' carb per serving. But where you may be in jeopardy with messing with your ketosis is with the starches. If I'm not mistaken, DeBron is known for having 15 to 30 grms of starch per serving. Not sure what flavor toffees you were eating but you might want to check the bag or their website for more info.

Mr_Geiri 03-07-2014 10:15 PM

Well if it had a lot of starch in it then the carb-polyol number wouldn't be correct would it? Since the starches should be a part of the carb category.

Anyway here is the ingredient info:


sweeteners:maltitolsyrup, mannitol,vegetable fat (cocos), acidifier:E330, concentrated fruit juices(0.6%), gelatine, emulsifiers:colza lecithin, E471, flavours, colours: E100, E160, E163, sweerener:sucralose, vegetable oils(contains soy).

Edit: Ok Malitol is GI 36 and Malitol Syrup is GI 53. It seems kinda strange to me to count them as 0 net carbs when they are so active. Obviously the sugar alcohols are far from being equal.

KampyKool 03-07-2014 10:19 PM

Just found this on the deBron website for their Fruit & Juice Toffees. Not sure which of the ingredients has the starch, but check out the count.

deBron's Sugar-Free Fruit & Juice Toffees, Gluten Free & Natural Colors ONLY - 3.17oz Ingredients: maltitol syrup, mannitol, vegetable fat (cocos), acidifier (e330), concentrated fruit juices (0.6%), geletine, emulsifiers (colza lecithin, e471), flavors, colors (e100, e160c, e163), sweetener (sucralose), vegetable oils (contains soy).

Serving Size 100g, Servings per container 1, Calories 291, Protein 0.4g, Carbs 82.3g, Sugar Alcohols 82.1, Starch 23.5g, Fat 9.8g, Net Carbs 0.2g

Edit: Doesn't sound like they are counting the starch as a carb but maybe as some of the calories ....? Anyway, just thought I would share this because hidden starches can sabotage a carb count. If it is in an ingredient they don't have to list it on the bag as a starch. They leave it up to the consumer to be savvy as to what the ingredients really are. At least their website has the info.

Mr_Geiri 03-07-2014 10:20 PM

Wait how can starch not be under carbohydrates?

KampyKool 03-07-2014 11:01 PM

Not sure if they are or not. The calorie count is, well, wonky. Just thought it might make up for the calories listed.

Of course we have to keep in mind for this product and many, many others, that the FDA allows all counts to be up to 20% off. These percentages are rarely in our favor. And it has been proven again and again by independent labs that the 20% margin is often exceeded by many manufacturers.

Anyway, I hope you don't run into any problems and your ketosis stays in check.

ravenrose 03-08-2014 08:09 AM

the rules for counting the calories in polyols are not very logical. as I understand it, only erythritol gets to be counted as FIBER, so it (sometimes?) shows zero calories. the other polyols pretty much are counted as carb calories. whether they knock you out of ketosis and behave like carbs is a matter of your personal digestion.

and yeah, normally eating that much sugar alcohol leads to painful diarrhea. good luck!

Dottie 03-08-2014 08:14 AM

If I ate that much malitol, I'd be wanting last rites :laugh:

Dottie 03-08-2014 08:18 AM

Aside from that, the brand you mentioned is made in the UK so the labeling laws are different.
Normally, UK labels have already deducted everything, so when you see a carb count, that IS the net carbs and you shouldn't deduct anything, including fiber.
They also deduct the calories from the sugar alcohols and fiber from the calories, so the calories are likely much higher in actuality as well (compared to US labels that do not deduct anything automatically, except for some specific low-carb brands that show "net carbs" on the label).

Mr_Geiri 03-08-2014 11:24 AM

Just in case I'm gonna make a erythritol only rule from now on.

I wonder why manufacturers are rather using the other ones. Are they cheaper?

And yes I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, totally not worth it! Another reason to stick to erythritol.

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