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brachetthecub 03-02-2014 06:00 AM

3rd week-SLIGHT weight gain...not oveerly conceerned...is this usual?

Hi guys/gals! Ok...week 3 weigh in today. lost 3 kgs wk 1, 1 kg ish week 2 . Sticking to around 30 net carbs a day (not following any particular plan-eating a few low carb fruits/berries ,max 5 carbs at a time-all after meals...good veg intake/fat intake from coconut oil)...gym 3 times a week-weights...kettlebells etc.

Approx 0.6kg up today (was in metric 14 stone 3 pounds-now even with weight increase 13 stone 9 so 8 pounds down in total) ! I must say...my ahem.....number 2's toilet wise (!) are a bit slow (not every day-use flax & fibergel) but FEEL slimmer, etc. Did have a rather large portion of donner kebab meat/cheese & salad last night (no bread!) though lol (!). I do feel much better on this way of eating...I just wondered if this was usual & how long I should wait before worrying/changing things? I know muscle is heavier than fat but didn't expect an increase.

I'm drinking plenty of water, & as of today increasing my coconut oil (have 2 cups of coffee 1st thing with cream & coconut oil!) but ONLY in the am (used to have fat bombs every night or 2 nights-made with 45g coconut oil!-making that maybe once a week). My other foods are meats, low carb home made pabcakes, broccoli/cauliflour, swede/celariac root etc...& STILL IN KETOSIS. overall I'm eating MORE veg & to a lesser degree low carb fruit than before!!!!!!!!

Am mindful at mealtimes of exact carb counts etc....

Any feedback/suggestions? Like I said-not overlly worried but any other points would be great. I hope my slight increased coconut oil in the am helps! Portion sizes are fine...on occaision I'll have the odd 100-125gms full fat cheese with liquid splenda & lemon escence (yum!)-have to admit to this maybe 2-3 times a week...not starving but just fancied it! Not calorie counting but aware that all meals daily including fats are 1900-2300 a day approx. Hope for some info!

Thanks people!:sing:

grneyedldy 03-02-2014 11:22 AM

Its very common for weight loss to slow on week 3. The first 2 weeks include water loss, which varies greatly from person to person. Also with your exercise, your muscles will retain some water while they repair. Sorry I'm not very technical.

You're doing great. KUTGW! :high5:

grneyedldy 03-02-2014 01:40 PM

Just for your information, there is a UK/Europe/Middle East board that you might enjoy while all us Yanks are still sleeping. :cool:


brachetthecub 03-02-2014 02:27 PM

Hi! Thanks for that....didn't think of the muscle repair/water aspect. Will keep plodding on! Thanks & any other pointers/advice would be great! Didn't know you had a europe board-thanks again!

chipmunkis 03-02-2014 04:05 PM

I have mentioned this to several posters today...take your measurements! You may see changes there that you don't see on your scale! Arms, chest, waist, hips, butt, thighs...

brachetthecub 03-03-2014 05:34 AM

Hi all,

Well as mentioned upped my coconut oil to 40gm 1st thing (20gm in my strong, creamy coffee-yum! & 20gm dissolved in my low carb pancake batter or coffee number 2!) & water intake to 6-7 uk pints a day. Also for 4 days will keep carbs at 20 (give or take 1 !) a day. Not making any effort to count calories but still eating fibre rich stuff & vegetables. This am (I know I know-weighing daily is NOT a good idea & won't continue this or it'll send me mad!)-0.6 kg DOWN!!!!!!! So will review again Thursday am. Either the donner kebab (meat only!) on sat night had breadcrumbs/flour in it (asked them & they said no)....or maybe just not enough water/coconut oil. Will update then. Don't plan on staying on 20gms for long but lets see what it does! Continuing the weights/gym 3 times a week. Thanks again all for replies!:jumpjoy:

grneyedldy 03-03-2014 06:29 AM

Good morning brachetthecup, I can feel your enthusiasm. Yay you. As for any tips or pointers, I am still somewhat of a newbie. There are many here with years of experience, but I will share everything I have learned...

Are you following a specific plan? How much do you want to lose? Weight loss generally slows down after the first two weeks, but slow and steady wins the race :) . Just don't want you to get discouraged.

I weigh daily (started out not using a scale at all) and record it so I can watch for trends. I also weigh, measure and record all my food. I'm also menopausal with hypothyroidism, so I have a couple obstacles in my way that I'm sure you don't. Well at least the menopause. :laugh:

SlowSure 03-03-2014 06:53 AM


Originally Posted by brachetthecub (Post 16821822)
Either the donner kebab (meat only!) on sat night had breadcrumbs/flour in it (asked them & they said no)

Sometimes shops/restaurants keep basting the meat to keep it moist and they forget that the basting fluid can have carbs in it - so, maybe that or some sauce that you had as an accompaniment? :dunno:

Either way, neither here nor there as it went away for you :)

Good luck with your next weigh-in.

brachetthecub 03-03-2014 07:40 AM

Thanks so much guys/gals! In answer to one of the questions....i was 90.5 kg (14 stone 3 & a bit pounds)...want to be 70 kg (11 stone UK). So....not exactly HUGE but for my height a bit too much. Not really following a plan but have absolutely taken in fully the whole atkins book plus a few others. Some may argue but I have been having low carb berrries frozen (6.5gm carb/100g)-in say 50gm lots with low carb pancakes etc...& I do use zero carb/calorie liquid splenda. For me it's having the option of ALL types of taste-not depriving myself of one! Also..itHorrified me how the weight piled on with my 4-8 a day slabs of tesco finest shortbread (again see my intro! lol). Also...if DANIEL CRAIG can do it (same age!)-so can i !!!!!!! If you look at my intro on new members page you'll see I sort of 'dabbled' with low carb before but was drinking an awfull lot...don't do that anymore! I LOVE cooking & will happily cook/make a batch of swede mash, lc bread, etc & freeze for the week. The way I look at it you have to make a CONCIOUS effort to eat 'healthily' (ie as per UK governments '5 a day' for veg + fruit etc) & THINK what you eat-Low carbing is no different. No I've sussed out the muffin in a mug 1 min recipes, found a 3 min microwave flax (or could be almon/coconut flour etc) pancake/wrap recipe. made some lc bread, etc my way of eating is hardly any less convenient than before. True-takeaways need to avoid the bread (have a 1/4 of a chapatti with my curry lol!!!!!!!!!) & burgers are not as easy but love curry, chilli etc-all low carb. Found a fab web page-where a lady has tried about TEN different low carb pizza bases-marks them out of 10 (!)....thats the only high carb food I miss.....used to make my own dough etc! Will post a link if anyones interested?

P.S-Cooking Indian meal for GF tomorrow pm-main sorted (paneer & peas), starter...was thinking of instead of onion bhajis either swede or celariac bhajees/ith 1/2 cocnut flour to the gram flour? Anyone any ideas?

grneyedldy 03-03-2014 12:07 PM

You seem to have a good sysem going. Not much to add. I don't think there's anything wrong with the berries. Everyone has their "needs". You are losing weight and enjoying your food. I too enjoy cooking (not so much baking) and love the variety of food with this way of eating.

There are many great LC blogs out there with creative and delicious recipes. Check out the recipe and suggestions board here (on the main page), great recipes and helpful posters. My favorite evening treat is the cheesecake muffins.

My husband and I have always enjoyed dining out and don't plan to lose that.....instead of trying to recreate my old favorites into an acceptable LC version, I have been embracing new food choices. I can make LC work almost anywhere, my latest favorite is French food, they love their cream and butter. :yummy:

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