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millergirl1976 03-01-2014 10:24 AM

The Movies...
I have been putting off my son about the Legos movie, and he nailed me down for okay.

I am Not eating popcorn at the movies today.

What's your favorite movie snacks?

nolcjunk 03-01-2014 10:53 AM

I don't eat at the movies. I worked on removing the association between movies and food and now I would consider it weird to eat there. I would recommend eating before or after.

Leo41 03-01-2014 10:56 AM

My weight loss and maintenance has involved not only what I eat, but what I call "food behaviors. Not eating anything at the movies is one of the things I do now (although I don't go that often), as well as no snacking while watching TV.

I'm from NYC, and I grew up attending theatre where food wasn't allowed, and the plays and shows are even longer than most movies these days, so eating isn't a 'necessity.'

When I go to baseball games, I only drink water, mainly because I know how easy it would be to consume TONS of food mindlessly in a situation like that.

I adopted these behaviors when I was reading on another board and someone commented that movies, ball games, etc. are only a few hours, and we'd normally go longer than that without food--but we're conditioned to eat and drink at those times thanks to successful marketing by the food purveyors.

Once I looked at it from that perspective, I didn't feel the least deprived; I saw myself as resisting American advertising.

Avellaneda 03-01-2014 11:00 AM

Roasted and salted almonds in a Baggie. Not fancy, but kills the urge for popcorn that always flares up when I smell that artificial butter. :D

MSN08 03-01-2014 11:07 AM

These days I just chew mint chocolate chip extra sugar free gum at the movies. Before I would just go without anything but spend the entire movie longing for the popcorn and chocolate my DH was having so this saves me during those times. Enjoy your movie date with DS:)

Hot Tamale 03-01-2014 11:33 AM

Bring nuts or jerky or a few sf candies... Don't eat that yucky popcorn!!!

pandora174 03-01-2014 11:36 AM

My son loves movies so when I feel snacky these are some of the things I have brought in : pork rinds, almonds, edadame, Macadamia nuts and my favorite are Just the Cheese popped cheese that I buy on Netrition. I get a large Diet Coke and I am all set !

DiamondDeb 03-01-2014 11:39 AM

I rarely ate a snack at the movies even before I decided to eat healthy. Too expensive. I go for the movie, not the snacks. I usually take my steel water bottle with me.

Janknitz 03-01-2014 12:26 PM

Roasted pumpkin seeds. Salty and crunchy--hits all the same buttons as popcorn. I don't drink diet stuff as a rule, but it's my treat when I go to movies.

lowcarbie 03-01-2014 12:31 PM

Maybe you can get some of those Atkins chocolate candies that are like M & M's for the movie?

cheeky1178 03-01-2014 02:33 PM

I am in a place where I can eat some popcorn, I just have to smuggle in a pre-portioned baggie in my purse ;) I eat 60gms a day so I just have no or very few carbs at dinner and the 13/14 gms for 4 cups of popcorn is doable. I make it at home so it's cheaper and tastier then movie popcorn, which I've always thought smelled better then it tasted LOL

If you don't have that much room in your Carb budget then I would go with salty nuts, like macadamia nuts or cashews :) The Atkins chocolate "m&m's" are pretty good too :)

Arctic_Mama 03-01-2014 02:33 PM

I either just drink a big diet coke or don't eat anything. I'm not a big eater during movies, but if I felt I needed to be I'd bring in sunflower seeds if they did to sell any there and call it good.

cfine 03-01-2014 02:40 PM

Pistachios are the best thing IMHO to take to the movies because they are nice and salty and remind me of popcorn.

Aomiel 03-01-2014 02:48 PM

Ditto on the 'not' eating at the movies. I realized along the way that in order to make this work for life, I needed to change some behaviors...and associating food with everything was a biggie. I don't need food to make the movie more enjoyable. If I do, then I really was only using the movie for an excuse to eat.

lowcarbie 03-01-2014 03:12 PM

At the movies they sell hotdogs so you might want to buy one or two hotdogs and eat those without the bread so even though you aren't eating the popcorn, you will be eating something while your son is eating while you both are watching the movie.

binga 03-01-2014 04:15 PM

SF cinnamon gum
and a jerky(ostrim)

ladyinlove56 03-01-2014 04:37 PM

Well I went to the early movie this morning and saw Son Of God...great movie...We get free popcorn with our movie T Shirt thing we do at the first of the year so I got mine but I only ate 1/4 of the small bag and thru the rest away....I was content and then 3 hrs later my DH and I went out for lunch and back to my LC meal all the way....Supper will be lite LC meal...so for me it was ok... But usually I would carry some kind of Jerky or LC snack...

MargD 03-01-2014 08:08 PM

I have never been a movie snacker, thank goodness. It doesn't bother me in the least if every other person in the theater is eating. I have no desire.

bwylde 03-02-2014 07:37 AM

I go to the movies once every few years and we're going today. I plan on bringing some roasted seaweed (one of my favorite snacks!) and a zevia. Being around snacking people is too tempting and hubby and the kids will be getting free snacks with their passes (it was a gift).

clackley 03-02-2014 07:41 AM

I don't go hungry for starters and I buy a coffee to sip on when I am there.

You get to a point that some foods are just smells that are nice but not something you want to eat. Popcorn was once a big time favorite for me on a number of levels but not anymore. It is a grain and infused with crappy seed oils. Just not food in my mind.

millergirl1976 03-02-2014 10:44 AM

Thanks all.

Someday, I will not associate popcorn with the movies, but I am not there yet.

My wasabi almonds, diet coke and s/f chocolate did the trick yesterday. :)

Blue Skies 03-02-2014 05:09 PM

I adore popcorn and while I really admire all those here who have managed to disassociate the movies and popcorn, that isn't going to ever be me. Thankfully, we don't go out to movies all that often, and I have no problem watching movies at home without popcorn.

When we do go since LCing, I have either eaten a small amt of popcorn, one precious kernel at a time, LOL,---and figure it into my carb count for the day. Or I bring pumpkin seeds or unshelled pistachios---good to have to work at those.

Eden Organic's spicy pumpkin dry roasted seeds are the bomb. AND, when I bring them to movies, I eat two or three at a time and try to keep it to a quarter cup, which is around 4NCs. It does the trick.

Blue Skies 03-02-2014 05:10 PM

Meant pistachios IN the shell.

Demonica 03-03-2014 09:34 AM

I don't eat anything while watching movies anymore. The popcorn does NOT appeal to me at all. And paying almost $5 for a hot dog without the bun is a waste. I just get a large Coke Zero.

RoxyRoller 03-03-2014 03:29 PM

I don't eat while watching movies at home or out (or TV) any more. That habit was harder to break than quitting smoking (for me). However, almonds or pumpkin seeds might be an option if you want a little something.

WintersTale 03-03-2014 03:33 PM

We don't go all that often...and when we do...it's a cheat day for me. I can't get through a movie in the theatre without popcorn...:o

leeloo 03-04-2014 09:42 AM

I don't eat at the movies, either.

I never got in the habit growing up - we were way too poor! :laugh:

But if you really like to snack at the movies, have you tried Stonewall Jerquee? It's a vegetarian product, about 4 net carbs per packet for most flavors. It's chewy and yummy, and not messy or smelly. And portion control is easy if you just buy one package :)

natural_born_texan 03-04-2014 11:18 AM

We usually go out to eat afterwards, so if anything, it would just be a diet soda for me.

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