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Peace 02-27-2014 02:59 PM

OK, this is a great thing. I think I figured out what happened with the weight gain.

What have I been doing differently? Salt-- too much yesterday and not I never used to eat table salt, too lazy on my part

Fat-- totally overate on nuts for the last few weeks. Also, just increased my oils.. I was eating only olive oil before but lately I have been eating foods cooked in canola oil and veg oil.

Carbs- Not monitoring enough with veggies.

SF- Gum and diet soda... again, not watching it.

Due to my work schedule, I have been eating way too late at night ( not low calorie foods) and that is not healthy!

So, end of story: I am going back to basics, and doing whatever it takes to lose these 10 lbs ( at least 7) and face my fears. Scared because I think I am hiding in my clothes. I believe I can do this. I hope others will share this journey with me. It is really important to me to be healthy again. I am getting older, and want to end this cycle forever.

Self-efficacy. :))

Becky 02-27-2014 03:04 PM

Yeah, I tend to under estimate just how many carbs I take in from veggies.

I also need to go back to basics, basically start over again from induction.

Peace 02-27-2014 03:44 PM

Here is the deal though: we can do it. That is the important piece of the puzzle.

However, I really wonder if going into induction means I have to eat a ton of fat? I hope not. I think I can do it with just going really low carb and mod protein, mod fat.

Positive thinking.

You should be proud that you are on your way! :))

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