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Peace 02-26-2014 09:03 PM

What do I need?
I dont get it, I cant find a healthy balance with mind/body.

I know I need to lose weight, my stomach is gross.. was at the gym this evening and kind of disgusted. however, I am constipated once again:(

I am trying to eat high fat/low carb ( less than 20) cause I know i lost weight that way, but more importantly, I felt better!!!

On the other hand, when I try to do high fat, low carb, I feel like I am forcing it. Does that make sense?

I wonder if my body just likes low cal on most days. Whatever that might be... it will always be low carb, but the fat is the issue for me. I am celiac with dairyfree, and I already limit a ton of food.

I know my eating disorder can be triggered by stress, but seriously, I just want to enjoy a meal again.

Anyone have comments about the salt? I used alot yesterday and today.I am not so sure about the salt perspective for everyone with low carb.. I felt even more bloated and yucky.

Sorry to ramble, but I want to get this figured out. It could be that I just need smaller portions, I am really not that big.


Skinny Train 02-26-2014 09:10 PM

If all you are trying to do is look fabulous, I suggest you go to a bodybuilding site, peruse the eating and workout plans under the transformation section, and pick out some of the folks similar to yourself. You should be able to work out a way of eating that will appeal to you and eliminate your stomach problems, no pun intended. The transformation sections usually include eating and workout plans followed of each person profiled. "Clean eating" and hard workouts may be all you need to achieve the results you desire.

Peace 02-26-2014 09:27 PM

No. My goal is to feel good physically as well. The appearance is not what matters .... I want to figure a healthy plan that works for me. Thanks for your thoughts tho.. I am not a body builder.

luckymuma 02-27-2014 01:32 AM

Magnesium helps with constipation, as does water and lots of fat. I find in my fat levels are off, or my water levels dip,too low then I get constipated. Magnesium helps move the train on and I concentrate on drinking enough and keeping fat a focus. For me it also depends on where I am in my cycle, mid cycle I gain the most water weight and it stays till after I bleed. I weigh myself once a month on d4 after TOM, otherwise it is affected by cyclic water gain.

No advice on the stomach issue...after three children, the last one gigantor baby I have what can only be described as a pouch suitable for a kangaroo. I think no amount of weight loss will solve this issue, so I am working on accepting it rather than hating it.

gotsomeold 02-27-2014 03:44 AM

Were you craving salt? I wonder about some imbalance inside you. Do you take a multivitamin and trace minerals?

Peace 02-27-2014 10:01 AM


Thanks so much for replying. I feel like something was off. I do take a multi-v

Honestly, I feel like I get so stressed abotu what to eat, when to eat and how much that I freak myself out. Stupid, I know:( This board helps alot though because most of friends think I should eat carbs.. YUCK!!

I also think that the bag of frozen broc the night before threw me off..

Today I weighed in at 120 and wanted to cry. I am 5'4-5'4.5 but still, my stomach is way too big. I know this.

I also think that the caffeine I have been having might contribute to it, I dont know.

I guess my overall quesiton is does anyone think it is possible to stay low carb and mod fat and lose weight? It appears, when I increase my fat intake it causes triggers and mentally I am struggling with this.


I dont want to lose my momemntum... I was pretty upset that I gained when I am trying to lose. I know it is not the muscle because my stomach is def larger than before.

Red 02-27-2014 10:14 AM

Peace, it seems like when I eat broccoli or cabbage either one. I get bloated and gain fluid. Which I hate because I love both of those.

peanutte 02-27-2014 10:28 AM


I guess my overall quesiton is does anyone think it is possible to stay low carb and mod fat and lose weight?
Yes. I don't know what you personally consider moderate fat, but yes.

snowangel9 02-27-2014 10:31 AM

Both broccoli and cabbage can cause gas and bloating. I would suggest you check our Maria Emmerich's site. She has tons of recipes that are for grain free diets. Dr. Davis even sites her as a resource. Check out how she works out, what she eats, etc.

I hope you can figure this out...

Peace 02-27-2014 11:26 AM

You guys are very thoughtful. I really think
The broc and cauliflower may need to be curbed for the time being despite how much I luvvvvv them. As long as I have support that it is possible to contour this plan with an extremely high fat diet then I feel better already.thank you.

3fatcats 02-27-2014 05:05 PM

i really hate to ask you this, but can you post a pic of yourself? I reallly can't imagine that you are gross in any way at this weight. I think you aren't giving yourself any credit. I bet your body is gorgeous and I wnt you to see it for what it is. Maybe that sounds wierd, but maybe you can come to some peace whan you really see what others see. Oh, and I'm a girl, don't get freaked out!

Arctic_Mama 02-27-2014 05:40 PM

I concur that an image might help. And spot on with the notes that you could be having some temporary issues with the broccoli. If you're celiac you are already dealing with autoimmune and inflammatory issues, and those can absolutely affect bowel/digestive motility. So if something bothers your system it may be much slower to flush and resolve than someone for whom an immune system issue isn't at play.

And I know you say you're not a bodybuilder, but the best choice I made for my body was exercise. It doesn't help me lose weight, but it does make me stronger, more flexible, and smaller in clothes. I gained three pounds in six weeks of my preferred exercise program, TTap. But I lost 17 inches and two pants sizes.

Peace 02-27-2014 07:01 PM

hi there

ok. thanks a bunch for all the replies. I needed this today. I know salt doesn't cause fat, but still seeing that scale go up makes me mad. I think it is more about my bloated feeling. Anyhow, did better today!! drank a ton of water, lots of greens and kept it simple. I just get really anxious when I try to start new foods...I have been low carb for sooo long, but anything that is processed throws me off mentally and physically.

Arctic- thanks for recognizing the celiac issue. some people just don't get it. I cant even wear makeup that has a chance of gluten in it.

I make everything at home typically and I have to start being extra cautious again. Confession: last weekend, I ate foods off a salad bar and then threw up all day... I think it had gluten in it and I missed it. I cant do this to myself... I am still suffering from it. Gosh, that was stupid. Well, at least I know now.

Looks like my butt is going to go back to not even attempting foods outside of what I make.

As for weights, I do body pump class ( weight training -strength based) at least 4 times a week, so in a way, I am abody buider. I lift the most in my classes and I think I am one of the smallest if I were to compare.

Today I feel so much better not thinking I had to consume a ton of fat to stay focused and lose weight. This is about health for me. as for everyone else I am sure!!

Thanks again.

Also, I would post a pic, but I just don't feel comfortable, I am sorry:(

Peace 02-27-2014 07:11 PM


No pics! just can't do it right now. I could email one to you if you want, just let me know.

I think the pics I have I am 5 lbs less, but oh well.

Thanks again for the support. Hope you are doing well.

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