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Kat41057 11-30-2013 05:54 AM

Low Carbing question
I think I posted this question in the wrong spot earlier.....
Good morning!!!! It's a cold morning here in NB.. -12c yuck.

I have a question regarding "Low carbing" What # do you aim for each day?
I have been doing Atkins on and off for the last couple of weeks. I lost 11lbs. during induction, but then my daughter came home towards the end of November, and Atkins got put to the side during her visit.
Now that she has gone back to Ottawa, I have been having a VERY hard time getting back on program.
I put on 4lbs while she was home, but have managed to lose 1 lb since trying to get back in the saddle. I have been getting headaches again, and terrible leg cramps at night. Altho I have been trying to up my water intake, and having broth in the afternoon I am getting very frustrated . I think my problem is... I miss some of the foods that I had to set aside.... Oatmeal, yogurt. I even cheated last night.... 2 Glasses of wine, annnndddd Popcorn (lite). I usually get into the chocolate, but didn't.
Can you guys help this old girl (56) to get back on track? I love the idea of low carb, but I am at a spot that I'm not sure what to do...
Thanks for letting me rant... Kat

SugarFreeSheila 11-30-2013 06:29 AM

It looks like you have only 3 more pounds to go until you are back where you were before your company arrived. But now as you resume your good eating habits and leave again your old ones, your body's being reacquainted with all of it, too - and it isn't easy! But you've got an intellectual decision to make about which of the two you want more: all of your "yay!" foods, or a "yay!" body. You know what? I wish I could have it both ways, too! But alas, I'm just not one of those eat-fries-and-Ben & Jerry's-daily size 0/1/2 girls: I also have to choose.

So ... which pulls at you more? From the sounds of your progress, it looks like you're already getting back into the swing of things. Give yourself some credit. :up:

Trigger828 11-30-2013 09:30 AM

Kat, I can relate. I am going to be 52 in a few days and I am menaupausal to boot :)

When I got off track over my summer vacations, it was all I could do to get back on track AND STAY THERE. Sure I could do it for a few days and wham, I ate carbs. Then repeat and repeat. I was VERY lucky I had a great support group of friends on another thread that helped me thru it! :)

What I did was Meat and Eggs for 2 days and then straight into induction foods for about 3 days. It took 5 days (and enormous willpower) to get back on track. I had to knuckle thru. I relied on sugar free chocolate pudding and sf jello when in need of sweet (which I tried NOT to do but had to have something to default back onto if required).

It was about 7 days til I was comfortable back on lc. AND then I knew I was ok. back on track. I tell ya it can be super hard to find the way back. When eating 'whatever carby junk' you want is so stinking easy :)

Time to have a real hard chat with yourself!! What do you want? What are your goals? What eating plan do you want for life? Now, are ya gonna take the steps to get to your answers? It is all up to you. Treat yourself well and take the bull by the horns and dig in for the fight to get thru the 5-7 days ya need to get yourself back on track.

best of luck. hope some of what I said helps ya :)

exiledone1 12-02-2013 11:55 AM

The key is you're attempting to get back on track. I've been on and off Atkins myself over the last few years and I love how I feel on Atkins, the weight lose, but because my wife is a carb fan and we eat out a lot I get dragged down sometimes.

I try not to feel to bad tho. I just try to get back on track and congrats on getting on track. I've lose more than I've gained over the years and found that even just doing Atkins once in a while helps me to keep my weight balanced. Just take things one day at a time and you'll get there. ;)

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