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Old 11-16-2013, 03:15 PM   #1
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net carbs vs carbs vs weight loss

ok i understand that net carbs are when dietary fibers are subratrated from carbs BUT how in the world does that afffect weight loss the only ifo i have seen has said that it doesnt digest in the small intestine therefore is not absorbe d and turned into insulin but to me it doesnt seem to make any sense i am sooooooooooooooo confused
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Carbs don't turn into insulin. They turn into sugar in your body. Carbs raise your blood sugar (blood glucose) levels. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that increases in respone to consumption of carbohyrates. Insulin clears glucose from your bloodstream and puts it into cells where it can be used for energy or turned into fat. Yes, it is somewhat complicated but essentially high carbs = high insulin = more fat stored. In addition, the insulin "clears out" your blood of glucose, which can lead to a rebound effect (hypoglycemia) and make you hungry a short time later. Thus you eat more. Then you store more fat. Eating fat, on the other hand, does not cause insulin to be released. Therefore if your body is used to using fat for fuel, such as when you are eating a very low carbohydrate (ketogenic) diet, you don't store dietary fat as body fat. And if the calories you eat are lower than your body needs to fuel itself, your body will be efficient at using body fat for some of the fuel it needs and you will lose weight.
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Old 11-16-2013, 09:26 PM   #3
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thank you that makes sense to me
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Also, fiber is digested to some degree in the colon by bacteria. they make gas and vitamins and short chain fatty acids ( cows are REALLY GOOD at this, that's why they get enough energy from grass) But we don't have the enzymes to digest fiber in our small intestine where most of our food absorption happens. By the time fiber reaches our lower gut the only things being absorbed are water and micronutrients. Our Immune system grabs a few extras, but that's pretty much it.
If you want to get nitpicky, then the amount of calories produced by fermentation of fiber has been estimated at 2Kcal per gram of fiber as opposed to 4Kcal per 1 gram of carbohydrate/protein and 9Kcal per gram of fat and 7Kcal per gram of alcohol. Since you are not likely to be using those calories for your muscles and whatnot, it's negligible, hence Net Carbs.
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