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Cudabear 11-12-2013 12:52 PM

Big weight gains on Cheat Day(s)
I am finding I am having a very hard time staying on track on the weekends. I don’t mind not losing over the weekend but these 3-4lb gains by Monday are really becoming problematic. I end up spending the entire week trying to burn off those extra pounds and then gain them all over again by the following Monday. Instead of losing what I need I just keep losing what I gain every week. I could of course go through a weekend without cheating but I am trying to make this a lifestyle I can live with permanently, so I do hope to have room for me to enjoy some wine and carbs on occasion (given this week was a little silly but still such a big gain for a few extra carbs!!) I guess I’m wondering if everyone else would experience this much of a gain from a cheat weekend like this or if I am going to be in big trouble if I ever try to reintroduce a small amount of carbs back into my life?

Example of my meals.

B: 2 coffee’s w/ heavy cream, 1 Celery Stalk w/ cream cheese
L: None
D: Turkey Dinner -1/2 cup Mashed Cauliflower, ¼ cup gravy (made w/ flour), 3oz Turkey, 1 cup bread stuffing, 1 small cabbage roll (no sauce, contains a little onion, bacon and ¼ cup of rice)
½ Bottle of Wine.
Calories: 1512 – Net Carbs: 49g
Gained .05lbs (not too bad, was happy with that)

B: 2 coffee’s w/ heavy cream, 2 egg omelet w/ a touch of onion & green pepper, 2ounce cheese
L: 3oz Turkey, 2 small cabbage rolls (as above), ½ cup bread stuffing
D: 1.5 Cups of Turkey Bone Soup (Turkey Stock, Turkey, Gravy (w/ flour), ¼ Cup Rice, .05 Celery Stalk, small bit of onion)
½ Bottle Wine
Calories: 1404 – Net Carbs: 52g
Gained 2lbs :eek:

Monday (long weekend)
B: 2 Coffee’s w/ heavy cream, 1.5oz Marble Cheese, 15 Almonds
L: 1 Cup Turkey Bone Soup (as above, smaller portions)
D: 2oz Turkey, 2 roasted cabbage leaves (no roll), ½ cup Mashed Cauliflower.
S: Coffee w/ heavy cream
Calories: 1263 – Net Carbs: 22g
Gained 1lb :down:

I know I had far more food/carbs than usual but to me this doesn’t look like a huge out of control binge. I did have some starchy carbs but I kept my portions fairly low (other than my 1cup of stuffing)
Did I just have a huge binge and can’t see it or is it strange I am gaining so much over this?

astribling 11-12-2013 01:22 PM

Well, not really sure here. Your calories and carbs are my standard levels and what I used the whole time I was losing. I didn't do super low carbs, I averaged 40-50 net. However, I completely stayed away from wheat products, rice, etc. All my carbs came from veg, some fruit. So it's possible your body just does not process wheat and other starchy carbs. The wine could be a problem, although I have a glass or 2 a few days a week and it's never caused an issue. It's a YMMV issue.

ravenrose 11-12-2013 06:44 PM

it could be the wine. I had a very hard time ever losing when I was drinking.

susan41 11-12-2013 09:29 PM

Any wheat would stall me, rice would stall me, gravy? Heaven forbid. I'd derail like a bad train wreck.

Moonlights 11-12-2013 09:34 PM

It does sound like a few extra carbs might be sneaking in somewhere and knocking you out of ketosis, which would explain it taking a long time to start burning fat again. It could well be the flour/wheat - I know even a little of it sends my blood sugar skyrocketing. The alcohol is the next thing I'd pick out. Maybe try a day where you raise your carbs from fruit/vegetables only and see if the effect is less bad?

Anonymousity 11-12-2013 10:59 PM

Imho you're confusing weight loss mode with maintenance mode. You want to lose weight, right? Well that rarely happens without some sort of sacrifice. So you can either have your weekend bottle of wine or you can lose the weight. Its your choice, but I'd save the higher carb indulgences for maintenance or else you may never end the gain/lose/gain cycle.

Cudabear 11-13-2013 07:11 AM

Thanks All.
Anonymousity: You are absolutely right. I know this is completely my lack of will power that is derailing me and I totally accept the lack of weight loss as my personal fault. My bigger concern if this is how much I gain with just that small amount of carbs/calories, what the heck am I going to do once I actually get to maintenance? I’m I going to have to live with -20 carbs for the rest of my life? (I plan to forever be Low Carb, I just didn’t think I would have to live NO Carb)

But you are right – Before worrying about what I can/can’t eat down the road I need to buckle down and throw myself in. Now I just need to figure out how to get my husband on board who is not supportive of this WOE and is already saying we should order in Chinese Food this weekend. Staying on track is hard enough without a voice in the background going Wine?! Coffee?! Pizza?! (and of course he's in excellent shape, always has been).. Damn Him. ;)

BringOnTheLard 11-13-2013 07:41 AM

It's almost certainly water weight though. As soon as you take in some carbs and sugar (wine) you're body will hold on to fluid. Then when you stop the carbs you lose it. I do a carb day every other Friday. I have cocktails, and eat what I want for just that evening. I gain about 3 pounds of fluid within the first two days, but it's all gone by Wed or Thurs. And I almost always end up lower than the week before by that Friday (week later).

I find that if I plan out cheat evenings but only once every other week, I'm not tempted to cheat the rest of the time yet I'm still losing weight. When I stall, I do fat fasts for a couple of days.

A lot of people say they can't do carb ups as they get really hungry after. However they seem to cheat often then feel upset about it. (not good) For some reason, on this schedule, I don't get carb cravings after. In fact I feel good and have energy and move right back into the diet with no problem. I also don't seem to leave ketosis either. I tested for urine ketones Saturday afternoon and they were as dark as ever. Go figure.

winefairy 11-13-2013 08:03 AM

Wow Cudabear!! I think we may be related. LOL

I have been battling the same few pounds pretty much every week due to my cheats on the weekends. I'm also very attached to my wine which in itself sabotages me. Not to mention my lack of control with other things when in social situations. It's my understanding that the body will burn alcohol before anything else. Therefore, those few glasses of wine will stall us for a couple of days. Then it takes me an additional couple of days adhering to plan to get back on track. And then comes the weekend AGAIN:eek:

I too have hubby who is not on board with my WOE which complicates my meal planning and so like you, I'm faced with that.

I finally decided that ultimately it's up to me and my own willpower. The support here on this forum is also very helpful so keep checking in here.

You can do this :up:

pulchritudinous_j 11-13-2013 08:51 AM

I don't seem to have a problem with dry wines, but the gravy/stuffing/other naughty stuff would ruin me for a week. Have you looked for LC substitutes for your fave HC foods? Have you tried vodka and diet tonic instead of wine? Maybe a little tweaking will help you stay on plan.

Cudabear 11-13-2013 09:03 AM

Wine Fairy: Glad to see someone in the same boat. Sometimes you just feel like you are floundering all alone out there 
Pulchrit: I sub for low carb most time (hence the mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes) but since hubby doesn’t follow this plan he still wants his favorites. It’s up to me to just not eat them!

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