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ueguy1985 11-05-2013 07:57 AM

confession: carb binge weekend
I wanted to share a little story. This weekend I had a college reunion. To start things off, Friday night's agenda was to go to our favorite pizza place and microbrewery. I had it all planned out that I'd get a salad and a few lighter beers. I ended up with pizza and HEAVY beers. We proceeded later that night to the casino and imbibed way, way too much. That led to a friend who was from out of town staying with me insist that we stop for TACO BELL on the way home. I had lots and lots of taco bell. The next morning, biscuits and gravy. Later that night I stayed low carb at dinner, but lo and behold, more friends that got into town Saturday insisted on ANOTHER Taco Bell run. In my state, I could not resist. It was like whenever we get together we have to relive the glory days, and that mean drinking a ton and eating junk. I've done a decent job getting back on track so far this week, but I've felt pretty rough since Saturday. Anyone else have a major, major falling off the wagon episode like this and recover from it to lose more weight?

Mimosa23 11-05-2013 08:02 AM

Well done in getting back on track!

I have fallen down and gotten up many, many times... My words of advice is to not put too much pressure on yourself and take each day as it comes. It does get easier if you don't set yourself impossible goals, and before you know it you'll be many pounds lighter!

Just Russ 11-05-2013 09:27 AM

I am extremely carb sensitive & am in such a fragile state right now with only 8 days in my desperately needed restart... I'd have taken drastic steps to avoid falling off the wagon... However, even Dr Atkins admitted going off, briefly, then going right back on. Realistically, we will all cheat. Some people are very tolerant to it & have no trouble getting back on plan... I'm not.
But this is all water over the dam. You did. It's not necessarily a bad thing to scold yourself if you went beyond what you had planned. In the future, you can learn from this & might make better decisions. But this is life. There is no 'do overs'. So now you dust yourself off & get back on plan. Go back to induction as long as it takes to get past the cravings. Sometimes, cheats don't take as long. A single weekend, won't have a lasting impact if you can get back on plan. That is the stumbling block... sometimes it's hard to GET back on plan. Just do it.

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