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3kidsandasheltie 11-05-2013 06:12 AM

effects of steriod shots and antibiotics......
Finally drug myself to the dr, I have a severe sinus infection which has made its way into my teeth and ears. I am loads of pain:cry: the dr gave a steroid shot and 3 weeks worth of antibiotics, with an addtional refill if it is not completely gone in three weeks.

So should I expect some water weight gain? This will be first time I have ever been on meds like this since starting low carb. I have not even been sick in the last three years with the exception of minor cold.

Ntombi 11-05-2013 08:36 AM

I've had a severe and systemic sinus infection since late December, been on countless rounds of oral and IV antibiotics, antifungals, and steroids, and had two surgeries. I've managed to lose 60 pounds during that time.

Yes, I had water retention issues at times, but it was just water. I kept eating as I was supposed to, drank plenty of water (more with the steroids especially), and it usually resolved.

I wish you good luck!

snowangel9 11-05-2013 01:54 PM

Be sure and take a good probiotic too. I'd follow Ntombi's advice, plenty of water and stay on plan. I've seen people ballon up and it not come right back off with steroids... Hope you feel better soon! :console:

Just Russ 11-05-2013 02:28 PM

Compliment your Antibiotics by using a nettie pot, warm water & saline to flush the nose & sinuses several times a day. The germs don't like saline so that helps knock the infection down & prevent it's return. I use it 4 times a day when I'm sick & a couple of times if I'm recovering. Don't do it the last hour before bed because it loosens the crap up & you don't want to deal with it when you lay down.
I stayed on LC through illnesses & IV steriods. I knew my portion sizes & pretty much stayed with that. I did not get weighed but a few days after, I was still on track & fine.

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