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halos 10-19-2013 11:40 AM

Getting the right mindset
I am writing this for those of you who keep trying and quitting after a few days.

I lost 60 pounds on LC 8 years age. It took 18 months. For some unknown reason I quit and regained 40 pounds. Since then I have tried to restart many times and just could not stick with it. I tried all kinds of tweaks and still could not stay long term. My carbs have stayed lower than the average American though.

About a month ago I decided that something had to change. I decided to do this by the book. Got out my DANDER and started reading and following to the letter what he said.

I am down 8 pounds, so no dramatic drop, but I am satisfied so far. My cravings have stopped mostly (still occasional). I am getting appetite suppression which I never had before. It pays to do it by the book, no tweaks.

I can see myself doing this long term. I feel great, have much more energy, and am in a better place mentally. LC seems to have relieved some depression symptoms.

So my advice is keep trying even if you can't seem to stay with it. Read , learn, make whatever changes you can and one day your mind set will be right and you will be able to jump back into this life style.

I suggest trying it just as written it has made a big difference for me this time.

greengeeny 10-19-2013 11:53 AM

I had tried low carb before. I always questioned if it was TRULY healthy. This time around, I went to my doctor not long after I started. First time I ever went and had bloodwork done beforehand, and told him that I was doing low carb. He supported it. He said it was the best idea for me. THIS is what made me want to stick with it this time. The reassurance that it is the best choice for me. I am a little over a month into it, but in the past, I would last two weeks and stop. I am no longer bingeing at all, and I do have high carb foods around me (I work in an Italian restaurant!). Each day a few ounces goes down it just reaffirms that this is where I am supposed to be :)

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