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SpunkiMama 09-16-2013 01:37 PM

A Big Thank You To Everyone!!
I have been searching this site religiously for a week now.. I know some posts/idea's I have came across are older postings...however....

Back in 2009, when I reached my goal Atkins for me was much different as was the food selections, or for better words.. I didnt know as much as I have learned on this site!!

I had no idea about alfredo sauce being a low carb product, or the Ragu Double Cheddar even being sold on the shelves!!

Almond flour. coconut milk. the already crumbled burger that you just pop in the microwave for 60 seconds...*perfect for work lunches!!* etc etc...

The recipe's are endless, the Low Carb on a budget thread is so helpful!!

Thank you to all of you to participate and take the time to post these great ideas & recipies, there was a thread about grocery lists, in which that is what I used to compile my own, and Today I shopped my little heart out, and My cabinets/freezer (2 of them)/ & fridge are FILLED with 90% only low carb items!!! (gotta keep a few starches for the family members lol)

I found myself once again, reading every label of everything I picked up. If it was more than 3 carbs I put it back... I did this back from 2005-2009, then I hit goal....life went to crap...yada yada

I find my mindset is back, and I have no doubt that I am now back on the train with all of you, and I hope to contribute as much as possible..

what I do not know is how to place a photo on my profile, or how to create a signature... can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks again, to ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

Blue Skies 09-16-2013 04:14 PM

I agree SpunkiMama---I too have learned so much here. It's an absolutely invaluable resource for a LC woe. And I've found my own cozy little spot here for daily check ins in Low Carb Challenges---Low Carb our way. Great little group there, stop by any time.

And I so get what you're saying about the first time you did low carb vs. now. I too did low carb years ago, lost 50 pounds and fell off the wagon, or as you say "yadda yadda." Many of us here know that story.

This time on LC is so different for me too, and this site is part of that. Last time I did it by myself w/no support, and treated it like a diet instead of a lifestyle. And I didn't seek out the variety of LC foods I needed to stay on board, nor the knowledge about how LC works and why. Nor was I as aware of my addiction to carbs. I've learned all that here, as well as from some great books---which is another great feature of this site---the reading thread.

Sorry I can't help w/the photo/sig thing, I'm a techno nothing. Glad you've joined us.

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