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readyfredy 09-09-2013 05:57 PM

Fiance's Blood Work
Hi All-

Just wanted to report that we got fiance's blood work 5 mo ago and his cholesterol was 241 (high for someone in his 30s).

Just got it done again last week and it had dropped to 201 (almost normal).

LDL went from 140 to 116.

HDL 71 to 61.

His VLDL had been 36. It was down to 24. (From what I understand - the really bad stuff)

Triglycerides (direct) went from 160 to 105.

All the other measurements went from High to Normal. Besides the drop in HDL, I am really happy with these results!

So - what have we been doing? Well we moved in in December and I ate his diet for 2 months (pizza 2 plus nights a week, lots of wine, etc, pasta by the boat load) and got up to 178 lbs. He was at 214.

We moved to our new home in Feb and since then have been pretty on track food wise (I've had my ups and downs with weightloss but that is another story).

At home, 90% of what I feed him is low carb approved.

He is not perfect and is not trying to low carb (ie he will have a pack of Doritos as work if its there) but since I control the shopping and make him lunch and dinner, I would say his food choices are about 90% better.

Yesterday he took in a greek yogurt for breakfast, string cheese, pistachios, roasted cauliflower and 2 sausages for lunch, ate some Doritos (oops) and then we had cucumber salad and turkey patties with cheese for dinner. That is pretty typical of what he has been eating. We eat a lot of eggs for breakfast too.

Because of his forays into off plan food - I don't load him up on fats the way I do (fat bombs etc) but he is getting used to eating butter and cheese! (he was very antifat but didn't see the disconnect when he was eating a medium pizza!)

Anyway - I just wanted to report back because I know a lot of people worry about feeding their SAD spouses low carb food - for us it has worked out very well and his health indicators are much better!

Now I am focused on getting his HDL up a bit (or at least, not dropping it).

He is now 202 lbs (lost 12) and I am 163 (lost 15). He still has about 10 to go and I have about 30-35!

Emily-D 09-09-2013 06:36 PM

That's great that you're both losing weight!

fun w son 09-09-2013 07:08 PM

That is great news!! Happy for ya both!! I take my next blood work in December, hope it goes as well as his!

readyfredy 09-10-2013 10:05 AM

Thanks! Good luck fun with son! I am going to get mine done in dec/jan and am hoping it has stayed "normal"!

GailyGail 09-10-2013 10:48 AM

That is GREAT news! Congratulations to both of you!

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