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susan41 09-09-2013 07:31 AM

Two weeks induction over...
16 lbs lost and not one slip or cheat. Haven't been hungry and I know by the way I feel and strips that I've been in ketosis 90% of the 2 weeks.

Question is now, do I move to owl? I really am comfortable where I am with my foods I've been eating and don't want to change it. No rule saying I have to yet is there? I don't think I've explored all the menu possibilities with induction and this 2 weeks has really been easy.. So change and move forward or maybe stay on induction levels until it is no longer comfortable for me?

Thoughts? What did you do?

Mistizoom 09-09-2013 07:33 AM

Congrats on your loss! I didn't do induction, so I don't have any been there, done that experience, but if you are happy staying on induction for now it is fine and perfectly safe to do so.

sweetpoison 09-09-2013 07:40 AM

Never done exact Induction.... just cut out the carbs and bad stuff but ate whatever was not full of carbs... still lost... but never at your rate. I might just have to kick it up a little and do induction and see what happens

GailyGail 09-09-2013 07:51 AM

Susan, I like to stay on Induction but that's just me. I find I lose faster that way.

Krissy2010 09-09-2013 07:58 AM

I'd stay on induction until you get sick of it and feel you need to add some more foods in! Congrats!!

fsfty 09-09-2013 08:18 AM

I stayed in induction for the entire six months i was losing weight. Kept things simple, and there wasn't a slippery slope to adding higher carb foods until I knew I was ready.

emel 09-09-2013 08:51 AM

Congrats on your losses.

I moved into OWL slowly and carefully, and I didn't follow the order of the rungs----I just added in the foods I'd been missing.

I added cottage cheese for breakfast first. Then bourbon (this one's skippable, obviously). Then nuts. Then extra carbs from veggies on some days when the garden tomatoes were in. Then a few berries or a bite or two of melon. Then I tried low carb wraps/bread products, and bars for road food but not for every day. I think the bars and the breads/wraps slow me down so I backed off of them.

I don't eat from every rung every day.... some days I'll have cottage cheese for breakfast and some nuts in the afternoon. Some days a few berries is my only OWL food for the day.

I learned that my max carbs is about 35-40, so I've settled on a ceiling of 35 total carbs for me right now, with some days being less carbs. I'm starting an experiment this week--- I'm doing Induction foods during the week and I'm adding some of my OWL foods to my weekend menus. I think it might be a good way for me to amp up my losses while still enjoying myself when we're out and about.

The Atkins site says to move to OWL

"Having a large amount of weight to lose is a common reason to stay longer in Induction, as you’ll lose a bit more quickly and consistently in this phase than in subsequent ones. If you’re content for now with the Induction food choices, you should consider staying put. On the other hand, if you’re close to your goal weight, losing very quickly, or being tempted to stray because of limited food choices, it’s time to move to OWL.

Don’t make the mistake of staying in Induction too long just because you love how the pounds are peeling off. It’s important to move through the phases to ensure that you've cured yourself of your old habits and can reintroduce foods without halting your weight loss or provoking cravings. Losing weight fast is exhilarating, but it will likely be a temporary fix if you don’t find a sustainable way of eating that works for you. Deliberately slowing your rate of weight loss as you approach your goal will make it easier to make those lost pounds history. You needn’t worry about any health risks of staying in Induction, but you do need to work on moving up the Carb Ladder so you can find your tolerance for carbs, whether it’s 30, 50, 60 or more grams a day.

Move to OWL if . . .

You’re already within 15 pounds of your goal weight. It’s important for you to move on to learn a new, permanent way of eating.
You’re bored with your current food choices.
You’ve been in Induction for several months and are more than halfway to your goal.

You may choose to stay in Induction if . . .

You still have more than 30 pounds to lose.

You should stay in Induction for now if . . .

You still have a large amount of weight to lose.
You’re still struggling with carb cravings.
You’ve not been fully compliant with Induction.
You still have elevated blood sugar or blood pressure levels.
Your weight loss is slow and you aren’t physically active"
ETA... forgot one of my OWL foods.... I'll eat a tbl of hummus with veggie strips now and again. Someone always brings it to a gathering, I love it, and sometimes it's the best choice gunk-wise.

ArdMaine 09-09-2013 09:17 AM

I missed Berries, so I moved up after two weeks. I don't eat them a lot, but I can if I want to and that's nice. My loss is very, very slow.

Kaillean 09-09-2013 10:25 AM

Hi there, congratulations on making it through induction with no cheats. Your results are fabulous!!

This advice is from my last go around because I'm still reinducting. In week 3 last time, I was missing fruit so much and sick to death of eggs for breakfast.

So I did add back in some fruit - strawberries 2 x per week for desert with heavy cream (about 5-10 berries). I also started having a breakfast shake with plain, full fat yogurt, 5 frozen berries, 1 scoop of whey protein and ice. I had this about 3 times in week 3 and by week 4, it became my daily breakfast, along with 3 slices of bacon. I ate this for months.

I had lost 13.5 lbs during Induction. Week 3, my losses did stall - not sure whether from my body just needing to adjust or the addition of the fruit and yogurt. But by the end of the month I was down 23 lbs. And continued to lose regularly each week until my goal.

I did try to keep my carbs low still - usually under 25 net.

Olive 09-09-2013 08:58 PM

Congratulations on the weight loss :)

I'm planning on staying on Induction until I'm at goal weight. I actually try to eat less than 15 net carbs a day, to varying degrees of success. :/

Nothing wrong with staying on Induction for 6 months (as far as everything I've ever read) as long as you can keep on plan.

Pati 09-10-2013 04:58 PM


Technically, you can stay on induction as long as you like. I stayed on it for 6 months.

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