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Catzmom 08-24-2013 07:00 AM

Did you have one "last straw" moment?
One event that made you think, that's it, I am losing this weight one and for all, period!

Mine took place at Home Depot. Due to the high ceilings in my house, I have storage that I can't reach, so I figured I would buy myself a small ladder for that purpose. Off I went to Home Depot, where I realized that there was not a ladder there that I could afford that would hold my weight! They all had a "maximum weight limit" and I was above it on almost all of them. The sales associate was trying to help, he was very polite, but I think he had to know why I could not choose one. Talk about embarrassing... I thought, what have I been doing to myself?? I got myself into this mess, and I am GOING to get myself out of it, now!

Did any of you have "that moment"?

princessmommy 08-24-2013 07:10 AM

It kinda hit me when we were planning our vacation for July of last yr. I knew we'd be going to amusment parks and walking a Lot and it hit me that at 207 i'd be Miserable walking and sweating. It just clicked to go back where I belong on LC!

Aomiel 08-24-2013 07:12 AM

Yeah...lots of them over the years...and I stayed on low carb long enough to drop some weight before going back to my old way of eating. Fortunately, I never regained the weight I lost, so while it has taken me a few years, I finally made it.

IndieKim 08-24-2013 07:17 AM

I had a mini "THATS IT" moment when I saw a photo my son took of me without my knowledge. Before that I had had to go buy some size 18 jeans which fit fine at the time but at the time my son took the pic, they were getting pretty snug.

Started LC (more playing with it than getting serious though), then about 3 or 4 days later was in a Goodwill just looking around. Found a scale for sale there and thought, well, let's see. Hopped on and registered 202 lbs. I was SURE the scale had to be defective - this is Goodwill, it's a used scale, etc. So I went to Target and bought my own. Took it home and the next morning before my shower I got on it. I was 201.2. I broke down sobbing, I'd NEVER hit 200 even during pregnancy. So I got serious with LC and thus far have lost about 35 lbs since May. It's a slow process but OH so worth it.

I got rid of my size 18's...am now in a very comfy 12 :)

emel 08-24-2013 08:43 AM

I looked and felt terrible in my biggest cute clothes and I was close to not fitting into them at all. I was mortified to have to buy new swimsuits because last year's suits were inappropriate at my weight.

shelby'snana 08-24-2013 09:06 AM

I had a co-worker who was the largest nurse in the area where we worked. A kindly older gentleman who volunteered at the hospital always called me by her name. He just thought that was my name. ;) Very cute, until one day she said to me " well, we can't exactly tell him to tell us apart, not like we're not both BIG _______" ( her name, she meant one couldn't be little ____and one big _____)

I about died. ;/ I went home and took a long look at what I had done to myself.

suzanneyea 08-24-2013 09:14 AM

I was bulimic. My son was a few weeks old and I planned a binge and purge after he went to bed. He woke up as I was vomiting. I let him cry while I finishing vomiting. That was it for me. I stopped the bulimia that night, and found low carb a few weeks later.
Food will never be more important than my kids ever again.

Olive 08-24-2013 09:58 AM

I'm not quite sure if I had a clear-cut catalyst. It actually happened quite spur-of-the-moment, after a years of doing nothing (but feeling awful: enormous, embarrassed at being short of breath/sweaty at the slightest exertion). Exactly a month ago on a weeknight, I was trying to fall asleep and --probably feeling like a fat failure like every other night-- and just decided "screw it, I'm done letting food control me."

Serendipity: for some reason, I'd just been to the store a couple of days before and had bought a lot of LC-friendly staples, which I don't usually do. That made it a lot easier.

I'm so grateful it all came together, and here I am a month later, much slimmer, healthier and happier.

Spanilingo 08-24-2013 10:40 AM

I had always been a very small and slim person. I gained close to 30'pounds within a couple of years and had no restrictions on eating . I had never considered dieting in my life! one day I was in a supermarket and bumped into an old acquaintance who didn't even recognize me because that weight gain , while not significant on a taller person , was a lot on my frame. I started Atkins the next day and never turned back! Had I not bumped into that person, I can't imagine the struggle I would have today! My nutritional goals are evolving from weight loss to health prevention strategies and while my carb counts and foods choices fluctuate ( including some higher carb choices along the way) I will always adhere to the basic principles of low carb for the long haul. I'm experimenting with HFLC to maintain my weight (maybe gain some) and to prevent a variety of future illnesses.

That AH HA moment really changed my life and lead me to really great community programs regarding food access for all people in our extended community!

Tammy2002 08-24-2013 11:14 AM


Originally Posted by suzanneyea (Post 16572760)
I was bulimic. My son was a few weeks old and I planned a binge and purge after he went to bed. He woke up as I was vomiting. I let him cry while I finishing vomiting. That was it for me. I stopped the bulimia that night, and found low carb a few weeks later.
Food will never be more important than my kids ever again.

wow. Suzanne. that took guts to reveal. congrats on being such a strong woman and a great mother! i'm glad you found the answer to your bulimia.:console:

suzanneyea 08-24-2013 12:29 PM

My bulimia was a big secret source of shame for so long that I refuse to be ashamed any more. Plus, the more vocal I am, the more people ask me for help. Low carb can often, not always, be life changing for bulimics. And I still have to walk carefully as I am vulnerable to other eating disorders.

Patience 08-24-2013 12:30 PM

Seeing myself in photos did it for me. Ugh!

anglgrl 08-24-2013 01:38 PM

Yeah, I gained 14 pounds in two weeks for no apparent reason (I was eating the same amount/things as I always did). It scared the crap out of me :eek:

BulldogMom 08-24-2013 02:16 PM

I had a cancer scare back in March. From the research I've done, it seemed to be that my condition was uncommon for women as young as me. In women my age that had this condition, it was usually do to PCOS and obesity. I suffer from both. The condition, uterine hyperplasia, is thought to be because of high levels of estrogen. Fat cells produce estrogen so it was then that I thought of losing weight seriously. Because of the PCOS and insulin resistance, it just made sense to go on a low carb diet. I've tried low carbing before but it was for the wrong reasons. Something just clicked this time and I've stuck with it. I've been at this long enough that when I do slip up, I'm back on plan immediately.

Dirty Harriet 08-24-2013 03:24 PM

The day that I was weighed in the MD office on a scale that DID weigh large people, and it registered 425 pounds.

SweetSugaree 08-24-2013 04:37 PM

About six months ago I had a heart scare. Since then I have found out that I have many serious things going on with my body and I am only 38 years. These body problems were mainly due to being obese, and the cardiologist straight out told me I was obese, young and if i didn't want to die I better get my S#it together. Well, trust me it was a scary moment with a scary truth. I had let myself balloon all the way up to 270 LBS. I started thinking about my family and seeing my mom's face when the cardiologists started telling us all the problems I am facing. I am now 207 LBS, and doing a lot better, but I am still facing health hurdles. These hurdles aren't going to kill me anymore, but letting myself get so heavy definitely did a number on my body. That was the straw for me.

That Girl 08-24-2013 05:48 PM

Good post.....Too many to mention, I keep starting and re-starting...I feel the shame/pain of it every day. :(

Patience 08-24-2013 05:54 PM

Hey bella, great name!

Let the shame go . . .

That Girl 08-24-2013 06:13 PM

Hey Bella!!! My daughter said to me the other day "why don't you just do this and be done with it...you keep gaining, losing, gaining, etc..." She's right!

rotay60 08-24-2013 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by Dirty Harriet (Post 16573241)
The day that I was weighed in the MD office on a scale that DID weigh large people, and it registered 425 pounds.

Your stats are awesome, congrats.

Dirty Harriet 08-24-2013 07:00 PM

TY rotay60. It was like everyone else here: do or die!

llisarray 08-24-2013 07:12 PM

My defining moment was when I got some pictures in that I had had taken of my 2 year old grandson. The photographer had snapped a pic of me and my grandson. It's my profile pic.

Aquarius 08-24-2013 07:32 PM

My mom was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. She went on low carb for blood sugar control and managed to avoid medication. I had done Atkins about ten years earlier and lost a ton of weight, but over time went back to eating all the sugary starchy crap and regained. My mom being back on low carb made me remember how great I felt eating that way, and how much I enjoyed being thinner. And I figured with my family history diabetes was just a matter of time if I didn't make a change.

I thought I had regained maybe 30 pounds or so. Finally got the nerve to step on the scale and was absolutely stunned to find I was up over 60 pounds from the last time I'd weighed myself. I was sure the scale was broken - I weighed my poor 10-pound cat five times before I finally accepted that it was not. I cried for a little while, and then committed to low carb again. This time for the last time.

Ocean 08-24-2013 07:45 PM

I used to always say that I would go back on low carb after I finish this case of soda. Then I would buy more soda and say it again. I had actually given up on being thin again and donated my thin clothes to charity a couple of weeks earlier.

Then I was shopping at Catos and saw an adorable top. At the time I was between a 22/24 and a 26/28 top. I bought the size 26/28 figuring it would be safe and didn't try it on. I got the top home and tried it on and was shocked that it was too small. Granted the shirt ran small, but I was mortified that the largest plus size was too small.

I decided then and there that I was going to low carb. I was delighted when I was able to fit into that shirt and even more delighted when the shirt became too big for me. Most of my other too big clothes are stored in boxes or have been given away. However, that top hangs in my closet as a reminder of how far I have come and of where I never want to go back to.

It is still a really cute shirt, I wish I had one in a size large. :D

Low Carb Librarian 08-24-2013 08:46 PM

I have had many... but just recently I went in to my doctor.
I weighed just 2 pounds less than I did the last time they weighed me...
The last time they had weighed me was 4 years ago, after my 2nd child!

I had 4 years and I lost 2 pounds!

I had gained and lost a lot in these past years... But I hope this will be the last restart.

Natalia 08-24-2013 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by anglgrl (Post 16573075)
Yeah, I gained 14 pounds in two weeks for no apparent reason (I was eating the same amount/things as I always did). It scared the crap out of me :eek:

Same. Up 10lbs to highest weight ever (not including pregnancy) with no discernable change in eating habits or anything else. got bloodwork done. everything was A-ok...no reason for the gain.

i decided that day i was not going to get 1 lb bigger and I needed to start paying attention. if not, i could gain a lot more.

FinallyFit@50 08-24-2013 09:19 PM

I recently had to have my gall bladder taken out and for the first few days after the surgery I hated having to have everyone do everything for me. I am a very independent person and I started thinking... I know this extra weight is causing my heart to work extra hard. What if I were to have a heart attack or stroke? I will soon be 50 years old and I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I think about all of the years I have woke up and went to sleep worrying about my weight. I think about all of the things I have not done because of my weight. I must lose this weight now for my health and for my peace of mind... it is time to do something about it!

IndieKim 08-25-2013 05:50 AM

Great stories, everyone....I think any time we feel discouraged or stuck in a stall and feel like giving up, we should come back to this thread and remind ourselves why we're here and why we're doing what we're doing to get healthy.

We got this!!!! :high5:

glennjones 08-25-2013 05:57 AM

Pictures of me walking my daughter down the aisle in May did it for me - wish I would have started LC 6 months before the wedding, oh well I'm here now.

baileygirl3 08-25-2013 06:23 AM

It was when we went to the beach and I no longer felt comfy in my own skin. I knew right then and there and I was gonna change. I came home and started right away, did not wait til Monday

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