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Old 07-23-2013, 05:06 AM   #1
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i cant remember! water weight 1st?

Good Morning Everyone! since starting LC again this past Saturday I have already lost 5lbs!!! BUT I cant remember if that is Water Weight im losing??? isn't that what comes Off 1st? I wish it was just ME disappearing... and I know it Will Be Just ME in a few months! but am I correct about the Water Weight?
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Old 07-23-2013, 05:25 AM   #2
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Good lord I wish the term 'water weight' would disappear....

At the start of going low-carb, you take the carbs out of your system. The kidney doesn't need as much water after that happens, so the excess is removed from your system.
Congratuations--- this is Step 1 of going low carb.

The next thing that happens is that the body realizes that carbs are going to be in short supply. Eventually the body will stop thinking it's gonna get carbs, so it settles down into fat-burning mode. Sometimes this takes 2 weeks, usually about a month, sometimes longer--and non-compliance, even a small slip, can set this back.

So yeah, the losses from first couple of days are water weight, and intestinal tract matter, and the excesses from puffed-up cells full of gunk. I'm happy to lose it, and I count a loss as a loss.
Keep calm and carry on.
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Old 07-23-2013, 06:01 AM   #3
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I don't think the phrase "water weight" will ever go away. When I lost my first 70 pounds, people were still telling me it was just 'water weight' and I'd gain it back when I went off low carb. Uh...duh. First, nobody holds 70 pounds of water or they'd be dead...and, of course, if I go off low carb I'll gain it back. Just as someone who goes off any 'diet' will.

When I meet someone who never knew me before I lost the weight finds out I'm doing low carb (usually as a result of sitting at a meal with me and watching what I eat...and refuse), they will sometimes say that it is not something anyone can keep up with long term and besides, "all you will lose is water weight". I love to calmly tell them that "Then I guess I should keep eating low carb so I don't gain back that 170 pounds of water."
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Old 07-23-2013, 08:27 AM   #4
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Yes, a lot of it is water, but it is still weight you've lost! In addition to what the PP have said, you body holds onto 4 grams of water for each gram of glycogen. So part of getting into ketosis is buring up all your glycogen stores, and that releases stored water as well. As emel said, as your body is becoming fat-adapted your kidneys start to function differently, and excrete more water (and sodium - which is why you need to eat plenty of sodium on a LC diet). In a few weeks you will be fully fat-adapted and will become a fat-burning machine!
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