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Aomiel 07-19-2013 08:34 AM

Tweaking my plan
My sister <waving to TuzBug> is always telling me I 'think' too much, but it's who I am. For me to commit to something, I have to understand why I need to do it a certain way vs. another way. I also need to make sure I'm focused...otherwise I have a tendency to start a slow spiral down to the darkside.

Since Jan 1, 2013, my focus was on following Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution" because I had ended up back on insulin off and on (after being off them!) due to inconsistent eating and eating too many carbs. So I focused on eating only 4 oz of protein at a meal, less than 25gm carbs throughout the day and trying to keep my fats around 60-65% (Bernstein does low fat but I don't see that as necessary). By staying focused, I dropped another 35 lbs in about 2 months or so and have maintained that for the last 5 months.

Last night I thought I'd go back and revisit Dr. Bernstein's book. Amazing how you can overlook the little, yet important things. First, I need to correct what I said somewhere else in another thread. I said my protein was coming in at around 80-85. I was reading the wrong column. When I looked back at my food log, I noticed I was eating 100-115gm of protein per day. Unfortunately, while rereading Bernstein, I noticed he said 1-1.5gm of protein per *kilo* of *Ideal* weight. Oops. That means I should be eating (at the 1gm amount) 62-68gm of protein...not over 100. :eek:

Some might say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" since my A1c is 4.9, my blood sugar stays stable throughout the day like 'normal' person and I'm off all meds...but I know things can change and if I have a broken system (which I do since I am diabetic), then it is possible as I age, for that system to break again even if I'm doing everything 'right'.

So I'm trying to tweak it to be as good as I can make it. The challenge is that if I stick to less than 70gm of protein and less than 25gm of carbs, my calories are coming in a little under 1100. Not gonna complain since I'm satisfied on so much less and sometimes even skip dinner...and I could probably even lose another 20 pounds if I wanted, although I'm happy with where I am right now. *BUT* how the heck do you add more calories with the protein and carb restrictions...especially since Bernstein does low fat? That I'm not worried about but I already put cream in my coffee, cook my eggs in butter, eat bacon, olive oil in my salad, butter on my vegies...and do I really want to increase my fats above the 60-65% where they've been just to add calories?

I'm thinking aloud...but feel free to chime in. I didn't put this in Diabetes because it's not about that...but about tweaking the numbers for specific results.

Beeb 07-19-2013 09:13 AM

Can't help because know nothing about your plan but just here to :jumpjoy: you on! :high5:

Leo41 07-19-2013 09:23 AM


I'm not diabetic, but I've read Bernstein and try to stick to his plan because all my siblings are Type 2. Basically, I try to eat like a diabetic to avoid becoming one, and my endo (for my thyroid) endorses this wholeheartedly.

In any case, you are really wise to cut back on the protein. I eat in the 60-80g range. In your situation, I would first cut back the protein and keep everything else the same to see how you do. If you're satisfied, then keep things that way.

If you feel that you need to add calories, you might consider avocado, a really healthy fat. I find that cubed in salad or mashed (like guacamole) on a burger is great. Or just an extra pat of butter here and there. You don't mention nuts. Just a few almonds or walnuts as a snack will add both calories and fat.

Fat is very high calorie, so you don't have to add very much to get more calories if that's your goal.

You've done so great in controlling your blood sugar that you don't want to tweak too much. Take it easy and deal with the protein first.

Natalia 07-19-2013 09:26 AM

yes, the calories are low, and as you know, the bump needs to come from somewhere :)

if you feel you still have weight to lose, i woudnt add carbs. what \i would probably do is add fat with high fiber, maybe some chia or flax?

if you are losing well, i wouldnt be concerned about the "extra" protein. i think the added protein would obly become an issue if it brought your insulin too high and stalled you.

so, in the end its up to you...would you feel more satisfied with an 8oz steak and buttered veg..or maybe youd prefer a nice caesar with lots of renees dressing, bacon and cheese.

eat what calls to you , within plan :) I find by accident i typically have almost the same macros. about 68% fat, 15% total carb (i hv lots of fiber, i net about 14g daily), the rest is protein. i think my daily gm of protein is in the 70's.

Aomiel 07-19-2013 09:32 AM

Hi Natalia,
I've actually reached a weight I'm happy with, but won't complain if I actually did lose another 20 lbs. My husband would, but we all must sacrifice for the cause. He's just afraid the sacrifice will be the 'girls'.:hyst:

The protein is actually just as important for me as the carbs since excess protein can have a ketogenic effect just like carbs. I can see an almost immediate 'slight' increase in my now stable BG's when I decide another 2 oz of that steak is 'ok'. :cry:


Aomiel 07-19-2013 09:35 AM

Thank you for the ideas. Nuts are a trigger food for me but my mother-in-law lives just across the field from us so maybe I'll leave them there and have them as a snack when I visit her for my afternoon 'break'. I'd forgotten about avocados and love them in salad! Good ideas for when I want to increase those calories.

It's so hot and humid right now that I think I'll live with the 1100 and see if my weight actually shifts after sitting at 160 for 5 months. No loss (Ha!) if I don't lose since I'm ok with that.

Leo41 07-19-2013 09:44 AM

Do you eat salted nuts? I've found that's the 'trigger' for me. I can keep unsalted nuts in the house and not be the least tempted. I portion them out into single 1oz servings in baggies.

But I wouldn't risk any trigger food just to increase calories because there are many ways to do it if you decide you want to.

I agree that with the current weather, 1100 cal seems just fine!

clackley 07-19-2013 10:27 AM

Aomile, congratulations on reaching goal!! I had not realized you had accomplished this. BRILLIANT!!!

Your attention to your diet plan is very smart and I think it is going to serve you well. Too much protein can be problematic and would be something I would watch as you have said, is your plan. I do however think that the attention to 'calories' may cause you unnecessary issues. I am not saying that they are irrelevant but that they are not nearly are relevant as we all have been taught.

If you are eating low carb, monitoring your protein, not avoiding healthy fats, and paying attention to hunger and satiation signals, the calories should take care of themselves. Many people decide that the ratios between the macro nutrients is what should be the focus but I think it is the actual grams of macros.

Anyway, I am so impressed at your success, I am waiting for advice from you!!!:)

thatphdguy 07-19-2013 10:42 AM

Congrats for your success Aomiel

I am not a diabetic, but at the pace I was going probably that was my fate...
I am trying to limit the protein intake too as it seems that my body only reacts to low carb, low/very moderate protein (Around 130 gr per day, 6'1'' 294).
After my accident with the pepperoni pizza, I have being trying to control the protein as much as possible. The only problem I experience is hunger...Moderate protein = very hungry in between meals no matter how much fat I eat

emel 07-19-2013 11:50 AM

Congrats on reaching goal. I think you are very wise to continue making your eating style healthy to maintain all of the benefits.

A little olive oil goes a long way for fat intake and satiation. I put 2-3 tsp on each veggie serving.

I forget whether you're a bulletproof coffee fan or a buttered broth drinker, but both of those help with fat boosts. How about a composed butter on your protein serving? I like lime butter on steaks, chicken, and fish. (lime juice, lime zest, and salted butter). Garlic butter is another good one, and not just for seafood.
In restaurants I ask for butter pats and spread it over my burger.


Originally Posted by thatphdguy (Post 16522216)
Congrats for your success Aomiel

I am not a diabetic, but at the pace I was going probably that was my fate...
I am trying to limit the protein intake too as it seems that my body only reacts to low carb, low/very moderate protein (Around 130 gr per day, 6'1'' 294).
After my accident with the pepperoni pizza, I have being trying to control the protein as much as possible. The only problem I experience is hunger...Moderate protein = very hungry in between meals no matter how much fat I eat

Pick the meal you get hungriest after and add 10 grams protein.
that puts you at 140 g, which is 1.4 g protein per kg of goal weight.
You'd be okay all the way up to 150, you know, but I understand wanting to keep it a touch under that. After you lose more weight, you can practice again at the 130 mark for protein. And play around with different veg choices--- maybe green beans are better than broccoli for you for longer-lasting satiation.

Another idea would be to finish or start the meal with a cup of Swanson Natural 100% fat-free full-salt chicken broth (or their beef broth), with a tbl or two of butter melted in it. These have no added msg. Others report that also adding a jot of heavy cream makes it taste like cream of chicken soup.

Where do your fats come from, PHD guy? I remember salad dressings and meat fats, but what else?

Aomiel 07-19-2013 12:38 PM

Thank you all for the ideas (and compliments). :)

PhD: I read an article by a guy who said that when he ate high fat, he actually started craving again and I think Bernstein wrote something in his book about the ketogenic effect and fats, but don't quote me. I'm just now rereading his book. So I think to get rid of the hunger, it may just come down to a balancing act that changes with the individual...because I know some people who eat high fat because they say it does curb their cravings. We just keep tweaking until we find what works for us, I guess.

Emel: Never even thought of garlic butter on my fish tonight! No, I don't add fats to my coffee. I tried it and just couldn't get it down. I splurge with half and half because I don't even like the heavy cream in my coffee.

Leo: No, I don't eat salty nuts. I'd swell up like a balloon at any time of year, but particularly in the summer. My husband used to say I liked a little food with my salt, but last year I ended up on diuretics because my body was holding enough water that it was driving up my blood pressure. Get rid of the water and my BP came down to normal. So now I pay attention to the sodium in my diet.

Cathy: I guess I'm not too worried about the calories at this point because if I lose even 20 more pounds, I'll be ok with it (my husband might not). I was just trying to figure out what to do at the point where I don't want to lose if I can't increase my carbs or protein. I guess I'll just buy a bigger bottle of garlic olive oil from my favorite supplier and start drizzling it on my vegies. :D

Leo41 07-19-2013 12:56 PM

As an Italian-American, let me tell you that if you want to really dress your veggies, you buy fresh garlic and crush it into your olive oil in a pan under a very low heat. That 'releases' the garlic flavor. Then you use it on your veggies. Heaven!

Sorry about the nuts. I only mentioned them because it was the salted ones that I couldn't stop eating, but I can manage with unsalted--although I admit I buy them rarely.

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