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Old 07-19-2013, 11:35 AM   #31
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I know exactly what you mean and I do it too! My husband loves peanut butter cookies...I could buy them but he prefers homemade so I made them the other day, just to prove I could do it without so much as licking the spoon! And when I did it, I felt GREAT!!
Congrats to you! Another sign that this WOE is really kicking in for you.

We too, LOVE Olive Garden...the whole family. I haven't been brave enough to try that yet.
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Old 07-19-2013, 11:37 AM   #32
Way too much time on my hands!
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I have been maintaining at goal now for years but I never say never. Do I still sometimes get tempted when I see certain high carb foods and want to eat them ? Of course! Especially when they are homemade and I know how good they really are. Those foods are delicious and not inherently bad just because they have some flour and sugar. I do eat high carb foods because I am in maintenance but those are always planned beforehand. So I decide okay tonight I will have the really good pizza. What I don't like is seeing a food and wanting to eat it right away just because it is there and feeling like it's out of my control.

Many here have difficulty with that as well as shown by the posts of people going off plan in a spur of the moment decision in restaurants, vacations, work, other people's homes, when someone brings a favorite food for them, etc.

That doesn't prevent me from living life and going to places with those foods but I don't do it on purpose.
And, this works well for me. Somehow it feels different to be surrounded by high carb foods for a purpose (like wanting to go out with friends) rather than just doing it to do it.
You said it very well.

I am not saying anyone else should or shouldn't deliberately test himself, that's not my place. But, for myself, I think it's valuable to know I have vulnerabilities and moments of weakness. Sure, it is a lot easier now that I have years of experience and enjoy being at goal; but although I am very happy with the low-carb way I eat, I'm not going to say it completely took away any allure those other types of foods might have.

For example, in my supermarket, the case where they have the Kerrygold butter is right next to their fantastic bakery--and I have to go out of my way to buy butter and avoid the bakery. So I go out of my way.

Ice cream is my weakness--and my store keeps it in the same aisle as the condiments. So in order to buy a harmless jar of mustard, I must pass the ice cream freezers on my right. So I only look at the condiment shelves on my left. This may seem extreme, but it has become habit.
Yeah, Leo, I think this kind of planning and action might sound extreme to some people but I can totally relate. My mom always said "garbage in, garbage out" and she was referring to watching certain types of TV shows or listening to certain types of music she found morally objectionable. She was trying to teach us that we absorb and respond to things. At the time, I'm sure I rolled my eyes and said "Oh please", but now in adulthood, I get it.
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