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can someone please direct me to the thread

or threads that discuss why yogurt, especially greek yogurt is ok on a low carb diet? Something about the bacteria to make yogurt eats the lactose reducing the carb count? Id like to read about it and try to find some articles online that back up the science or even just discuss the science of it.
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I copied/pasted the following info into a Word Doc from a REALLY OLD thread from a few years back. This may or may not be what you're looking for, but until someone posts a "target" link, maybe this will shed at least SOME light.

(I'm a yogurt lover too!)

Best of luck..."Twyla"

Here goes:


Nutrients in Whey

Calories 66 ( Kilojoules 276 )

% Daily
Total Fat 1 g 2%
Saturated Fat 0.5 g 3%
Cholesterol 5 mg 2%
Sodium 132 mg 6%
Total Carbohydrates 12.5 g 4%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 0 g
Protein 2 g
Calcium 115 mg
Potassium 396 mg

Full-fat yocheese nutrients
Per 2/3 cup serving:

Calories: 200
Total Fat: 15
Sat Fat: 12
Cholesterol: 25
Sodium: 45
Carbs: 5
Fiber: 0
Protein: 10

Great Yocheese Thread

Hi There is a thing called the yogurt exception!!~~And with Yocheese after you Drain the whey you have a Total of 4 carbs per Cup!!~~And 160 Cals so do to ****** you have to make it a custom food and enter your info there!!~~here is some Yogurt Info I have been eating yogurt and Yocheese for way over a year and I am always in ketoisis so I Know that the Yogurt Exception is true!!~~

We have a Yogurt Whey thread on the Challenge Board If anyone would like to Join us Yoggie Yocheese heads there!!~~

You Can Buy Blue Bunny Lite 85 Yogurt at Super Walmarts ( Now they also Make the Low carb freedom)~~If you thought being on a low-carb diet meant you really couldn't have yogurt any more, think again! , Blue Bunny introduced their line of Lite 85 Yogurt -- a delicious little treat that comes in 19 Flavors and is now sweetened exclusively with Splenda ! Before you look at the label that shows a carb count of 14 per serving, check out our article on The Yogurt Exception that explains that while they legally have to list the carbs that way, the truth is these little paks come in at about 4 carb grams per serving. If you doubt it (and I am a doubter so I had to check it myself), I and two other group members put ourselves into a very deep ketosis (no other carbs for the day) and ate three yogurts. We all remained in the same level of ketosis over the next 12 hours. Having succeeded in our experiment, we now feel confident recommending these yogurts because they are just fab!

The problem with the stated carbohydrate content on the packages of fermented food products arises because the government makes manufacturers count the carbohydrates of food "by difference." That means they measure everything else including water and ash and fats and proteins. Then "by difference," they assume everything else is carbohydrate. This works quite well for most foods including milk. However, to make yogurt, buttermilk and kefir, the milk is inoculated with the lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria use up almost all the milk sugar called "lactose" and convert it into lactic acid. It is this lactic acid which curds the milk and gives the taste to the product. Since these bacteria have "eaten" most of the milk sugar by the time you buy it (or make it yourself.) At the time you eat it, how can there be much carbohydrate left? It is the lactic acid which is counted as carbohydrate. Therefore, you can eat up to a half cup of plain yogurt, buttermilk, or kefir and only count 2 grams of carbohydrates (Dr. Goldberg has measured this in his own laboratory.) One cup will contain about 4 grams of carbohydrates. Daily consumption colonizes the intestine with these bacteria to handle small amounts of lactose in yogurt~~~

So Now I will go On to explain why A fat fast does not work for me I have A Dairy Intolerance!!~~yep!!~~Cheese and cream , cream Cheese, Stall me and Makes weight loss slow to Non exitant for me~~ So why doesn't yogurt do that because the Live Cultures has eaten the Lactose!!~~Which then makes Yogurt in reality a Non Dairy type product!!~~

Plus when you Buy the Full Fat Plain Yogurt ~~It fills you up because of the Fats in it!!~~I take a 32 oz carton of Dannon Plain all natural Yogurt and I drain in in a Colander lined with Viva Brand Paper towels ~~with a bowl under the colander to catch the liquids to toss out ( Or it ( The Whey)makes a great merinaide for meat has a tenderizer) in the Fridge for 24 hours!!~I make what you call Yogurt Cheese~~It will yield Approx. 9 to 12 ozs of yogurt Cheese at 160 cals per 8 ozs~~and only 4 carbs Now Compare that to Cream cheese that is 800 calories for 8 ozs~~and 8 carbs Now you can see why a Yogurt fast works~~ You can also use Blue Bunny Lite 85's ~~But they do not keep you has full~~I have eaten has many has 10 Blue Bunny 85's in 1 day for my Yogurt fast and was in very very light ketosis~~But I was Darker using 8~~because My CCl is around 35 at 40 carbs I am usually out of Ketosis~~(That is why I know that they trully are only 4 carbs )~~No way Could I eat between 112 and 140 Carbs and be in ketosis~~

So If you do a Yogurt fast I would recommend that you Mix the 2 Yogurts together~~ 1/2 carton Blue Bunny (4 oz) to 1/2 of The Drained full fat ( Yogurt Cheese) (4 oz)to the Blue Bunny~~Wait Until you taste this Combination!!~~It is a real treat for 120 cals and 4 carbs~~You can eat up to 8 of these a day on a yogurt fast~~Or 8 to 10 Blue Bunny Lite 85's~~Just check your ketosis in the evening because you may have a lower CCL then I do ~~

Now How you can use your Yogurt daily in your Diet ~~ For Breakfast I add 3 or 4 teaspoons of ground Flax to my Yogurt stir let set a minute and eat!!~~I have this many days for breakfast and lunch~~And a low carb dinner~~I use salads and my Homemade Yogurt Shakes for snacks has I usually have 6 small meals per day!!~~The Yogurt Cheese is great to use to replace mayonaise~~On Salads~~or to use has a cream cheese or like sour cream~~You get all the fat without all the calories!~~Well I wrote you all a Book~~But I gave you I hope enough Info to help you to Maybe Break your Stall or help you with your very slow weightloss!~~And I sure Hope this helps any one with questions about Yogurt!!~~You Can Eat your Yogurt ~~~Hugs~~~your LC Friend


With that in mind, please feel free to post here any questions about what yoghurt people are eating, what, apart from yoghurt they are eating, and those who have been on the fast let us know how you are doing!


Originally posted by Jetblack4701


(This is a slightly easier version made using a MW oven). Heat a quart (1 litre) of whole milk in a bowl (I use my measuring jug) on full power until mlk reaches boiling point. (At 600 this takes about 15 minutes)... then set to lowest (defrost) and keep heating for a further 15mns. (Some recipes say not to boil the milk, but somehow the yoghurt is a bit too thin when the milk is not boiled.) Allow the milk to cool down to somewhere between 105 and 120 F....use a thermometer or check using your little finger. The milk should be about body temperature but still have a little "sting" to it. During this cooling down period you may add a little cream if you are using skim or reduced fat milk to the milk if you wish.

(Please note : it is perectly all right to cool the milk quickly by placing your saucepan or pitcher or whatever you use to heat the milk in another pan of cold water. Just watch out, because this way the temperature does fall pretty fast and you always need it to reach that magical number....no more, no less.)

When the milk has reached the right temperature, place 2 tablespoons of full-fat LIVE yoghurt (from a commercial carton or from a previous batch of yoghurt) in a cup. Add a little of the heated milk and stir until well blended. Pour this mixture into the rest of the heated milk and stir well.

Pour the heated milk to which the starter has been added into a thermos flask with a wide mouth. Close tightly and leave to incubate overnight or at least 8 hours. The longer the incubation, the more tart the yoghurt will be and the less lactose it will contain.

Transfer the contents of the thermos flask to a bowl, cover and allow the yoghurt to chill (and grow even thicker) in the fridge for a few hours. The normal consistency of yoghurt made this way is that of a light pudding not a thick custard. If you are used to buying commercial yoghurt that is loaded with fillers and starches you might think your own yoghurt is thin...it isn't. This is a natural product and has all the appearance and consistency of one.

Made in this way yoghurt has about 4 carbs per 8oz.


For making this all you need is a large sieve lined with resistent kitchen paper or just a large coffee filter lined with its paper cone. Pour as much made and rested chilled yoghurt as your sieve or filter will take. Cover the top with cling film and place back in the fridge over a bowl to catch the draining whey. Allow to drain for a number of hours, preferably 24 hours. In any case the cheese should drain down to less than half it's original. volume. Discard the whey and use of the cheese thus obtained.

Yo-cheese can be eaten au naturel; as a savoury dip with the addition of garlic, fresh herbs or spices or whatever appeals to you. For a delicious sweet treat you can add Spenda and any flavoured essence or Davinci Syrups if you are lucky enough to have them. If you are still within your carb limit, berries are also very nice added to yo-cheese. Use yo-cheese anywhere you would either use cream-cheese or soured cream.

~~The Yogurt Queen ~~And your Lc friend Sandy

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thats it! thank you !!
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not sure about the whey draining aspect, but that would be covered in the nutrition facts shown for commercial yogurts if it were true...

interesting how this seeming myth keeps on keeping on. some guy published the thing about bacteria eating the sugar and it was almost immediately found that he was wrong... the bacteria converted it to a different sugar molecule he was not measuring, but just as carby.
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Depends on how low carb you're going though. I love Greek Yogurt but it's too high carb since I only eat 25gm per day. I'd have to give up my vegies to do it.
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