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scintillady 07-11-2013 02:15 PM

almost feels like a "cheat"
I haven't been feeling well for a few days so haven't been eating. Finally feel hungry so I wanted something really good. Found la tortilla factory wraps for supposedly only 6 net carbs for a really big wrap. This tastes too good to be true. First thing I've had at all that normally comes in "real" food. I haven't been trusting the labels on these types of food, but I hope I can in this case.

solarpluvia 07-11-2013 02:25 PM

I ate a lot of La Tortilla Factory LC tortillas in my first year. Big ones. Back before I gave up wheat. Didn't seem to create a problem with my weight loss until I hit one of my strong metabolic set points.

I miss quesadillas.

Leo41 07-11-2013 03:13 PM

Before I gave up all grains, I ate LaTortilla wraps regularly with no problems at all. I just counted the carbs to insure I was within my limit.

I think they're fantastically good.

Garlic 07-11-2013 04:02 PM

Same here... I have given up all grains.... but at least my kids will eat the wraps that are still here.

Also, at Costco, and this might not be exactly right.... but I "think" there is a bread like thing called Joesph's Lavash Bread that is low carb, but I can't swear it is low carb.... but I used to eat them, and they were a nice change of pace.

LOL, just checked that link in this post..... 4 net carbs.

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