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glennjones 06-24-2013 09:39 AM

Where can I find the information...
on how consuming alcohol during induction compromises weight loss? Is there a sticky somewhere?

emel 06-24-2013 09:58 AM

from Lyle Mcdonalds - The Ketogenic Diet
"Although alcohol intake has been discussed briefly in previous sections, its effects on ketosis need to be discussed here, especially since many individuals want to know if alcohol is allowed on a ketogenic diet. In general, once ketosis is established alcohol tends to deepen the level of ketosis seen. Additionally, the pathological state of alcoholic ketoacidosis (which occurs when individuals consume nothing except alcohol for long periods) is known to result in potentially dangerous levels of ketones in the bloodstream. Alcohol may affect ketone body production in the dangerous levels of ketones in the bloodstream. Alcohol may affect ketone body production in the liver and alcohol itself can be converted to ketones. As well, the production of ketones from alcohol tends to result in less fat loss since less FFA is converted to ketones. Strictly speaking there is no reason that small amounts of alcohol cannot be consumed during a ketogenic diet although it should be realized that fat loss will be slowed. Additionally, anecdotal reports suggest that alcohol may affect individuals more (in terms of drunkenness, etc.) when they are in ketosis versus when they are not. Care should be taken by anyone consuming alcohol."

And then on the atkins site there's some banal blurbs that say we metabolize alcohol first, so drinking delays fat burning.

There is one useful, true tidbit there.I am a total lightweight now lol.

Take it easy. You may find that you’re more susceptible to the effects of alcohol while doing Atkins. And because alcohol can make you drop your inhibitions, you may find it more difficult to stay away from chips and other high-carb snack foods that often accompany alcohol.

And a final tip from me--- drink water when you drink alcohol. Slows you down and helps w/hangovers, which can be intense on less alcohol than you think when you're lowcarbing.

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